August 18, 2009

these are my twisted words.

It has been too long.
What happened to my determination to type out my thoughts 3 or more times a week?
I don't know where that determination went, but it's starting to tap on my shoulder again.

Today is a day for all times. A real summer day. I just put Quadrophenia on.
See what I mean?

All I can really say is that A LOT has happened to me in the past week. A rather whimsical situation if we are finding words for it. I am not sure if whimsical is the right word, but the word brings to mind magical little things, a serendipitous occurance, or something you would find in a Disney movie. Where all is happy, bright, right, and sing-songy. So whimsical it is. Things have made their shift and I feel everything that happened is for the best. I am more than content.

I am truly living in a movie.
The script is all made up as we go...
but everything seems to flow so well as if it were strategically pieced together by the best writers & directors.

I have heard it all before, but I haven't felt it all before.
It was so easy to decide yet so hard to be sure.
I feel good. I will trust my instincts.

Places I have been in the past two weeks: (including pics from N. carolina)

three. for my beloved tea I feel that this deserves a few words. I am so glad that I finally went here. I love their tea. It's really unique and all of them are delicious. I have only ordered online from them before but I am glad I actually made an in-person visit. That way you are able to smell the tea and have it all right away without shipping and handling.

North Carolina:

A random hike we took. Near the Indian Reservation in that area about an hour from Hendersonville
This was taken in Greenville, South Carolina.
The waterfall was in the middle of town.

Under the waterfall
Overlooking the waterfall

Coyote Ugly!

Updrafts were a big part of my trip.

Those are the ones worth seeing, I suppose.

I'm glad I took a long walk today to soak up a few rays today.
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day.
I hope you enjoy yours too!

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