November 11, 2009

Autumn has got me inspired!

What a lovely day.

Today was rather pleasant--as noted above.
I had my normal classes; Cultural Geography, Business Math, and History.
No ethics today. I found all my classes interesting today...

There was a solid debate in almost every single one. You know when you're well into the semester and there is suddenly that change in the room where people stop caring what people think and just start speaking up more because they are comfortable at this point? Yeah, well this is that time. I really enjoy it. I like when people have things to say and we can bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other and it becomes a student led discussion. If anything--that's what college should be about. Discussion with peers, because that's how its going to be in the real world. We need to learn how to respectfully discuss issues and inject our thoughts and opinions in others and learning how to do it effectively. Student led discussions should be encouraged in classrooms more often. Take charge in your classes people! :)

It was a great day outside and since Cady and I have history and ethics together (and ethics was cancelled), we decided to take a little trip to...


I am always picking up stuff there.
Especially through my vegan/vegetarian phases which I seem to be in right now.
[I can't really see eating meat any time soon though or even milk or other dairy products]
She had never been! I couldn't believe it. It is just down the road from our campus...

I love taking people there for their first times because it gives me such a fresh feeling being in there and I go there so often I can explain different products and give opinions on what to try. I really should go into nutrition, I just wish mathematics wasn't such a setback in everything scientific I want to do. I'd like to just learn more about it all as an interest. Anywho; I made a delicious vegan flat bread pizza today! The vegan cheese I bought is so delicious. I cannot even believe it. And trust me, I have had BAD vegan cheese. This stuff is great though; plain or melted. I've really just been trying to eat as vegan as I can. I don't know why, but it's extremely simple for me. However, I am not calling it my lifestyle. I really enjoy going out to dinner and frankly I've done "the vegan that loves to dine out" and let me tell you it is way too difficult. I much prefer to eat that way as often as I can and not include meat in anything I eat. I am just glad that Whole Foods has so many GREAT vegan/vegetarian products. A little pricey, but they are worth the $$$$!

I love this healthy kick that I'm in. I do feel so much better and I'm enjoying fruits and vegetables so much. They have so much more flavour and they seem to be more filling to me. This has been a good autumn ::knocking on wood!:: I feel really lucky. I think that I have been making some good decisions lately. I feel like I am really becoming healthy in more ways than one if that makes sense. I just feel mentally happy and I feel good physically. You really cannot go wrong with those two things in your grasp.

. . .

I am doing well in school, but I'm nervous for math as usual. I've been doing much better than I thought I would in some instances. I just really want to get a good grade and pass out of it. I loathe math and I just want to be done with school!

me doing my favorite spin--the hair cutter.

Skating went okay the other day. I am going again tomorrow. Eric is awesome and showed up unexpectedly to watch me skate on Tuesday. That meant a lot. I am so sore because I have been off the ice for awhile but I know once I get on the ice tomorrow my body won't even hurt. I love skating, I just with my technical ability was better.

However I am tired and will require a good amount of zzzzZZZZ's this evening
That is a fact.
Off I go!

Have a great night!


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