November 9, 2009

the weekend of weather and adoration.

Oh, I love you, Autumn!
-A picture from my walk today-

What a fantastic weekend! My weekend started Thursday morning.
I had my severe weather symposium. It was great!
So many big names in meteorology were there.
Josh Wurman was there which I was quite excited about.
He on the show Stormchasers on Discovery Channel.
Let it be noted he is the scientific brains of that show & an MIT genius.
I feel like I learned a lot.
Meteorology is such a difficult and conceptual science.
It's so mathematical and scientific and it has so many different aspects to grasp.
I should more so say that I was exposed to a lot.
Only taking one meteorology course doesn't get you far. AT ALL.
Which is all I've done in a classroom with it.
I shall love it from a distance.
Although, there IS that little spark that makes me want to go for it & push myself.
Yes--through the dreaded math & science. If only it were a more job dependent field.
What's up broadcast?!
I want to teach myself what I can though books & really dig into it all when I'm done with school.
for now I have decided that I cannot be graded on my passions.
I take it too personally.

Josh Wurman presenting on tornado structure and tornadogenesis.

Besides the weather symposium, I spent time with Eric Thursday-Sunday. I love our long weekends. I love any time we spend together in fact. I could never get sick of him. We crashed at Hotels this weekend. Embassy Suites on Thursday and Friday (my symposium was being held about a mile away from there). We headed down to Wheeling, IL to stay at the new Westin on Saturday afternoon after my symposium had ended. We wanted to see a movie that had very limited release. We had to travel to Highland Park for the small scale showing.

We made it happen and it was REALLY good. An Education was the name of the movie.
I loved so many things about it. After the movie we decided to go out for a bite.
We ended up going to Abigail's located in Highland Park as well.
It was phenomenal! Really unique dishes with great flavours and ingredients. Everything was pretty much locally brought in and it all had great quality.
It was more quaint and romantic like with a trendy feel. We both really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it!

*I have learned that if I really like something--I become a natural promoter for whatever it may be.

While staying at these hotels, Eric and I talked about our trip to Hilton Head Island coming up for Thanksgiving where we will be staying in a slew of hotels once again. I'm excited because I've never been there, but also because Eric is so revved for it. It's adorable. I love seeing him happy and him get excited about something. It will be my first Thanksgiving away and I'm looking forward to it! Especially when I'm escaping to a more beautiful location! (: We are road trippin' down there because flight fares are ridiculous. I'd prefer to drive though. It will be a great time!

So aside from our excitement banter, we went to Lake Forest and spent the day outside because it was absolutely gorgeous out (southerly flow and ridges!) We strolled around downtown and went to the lake front. Ah. I love large bodies of water. Even though it was just lake Michigan, I'm telling you, you feel like you are looking out to sea. After spending time around the beautiful scape, we headed back home and had dinner with my parents. I hate coming back to reality after such wonderful weekend getaways!

Picture from Sunday!

I hope everyone got off to a good start to the week! Tomorrow starts back skating again! I have been off for a few weeks (what seems like forever) because I punctured the top of my foot a few weekends ago. It was dreadful. But it's healing and I cannot withstand figure skating any longer. I must go tomorrow. I need to release emotions on the ice! Normally I am my best when I have a long break because I think about it more. My body is able to fully rest and I can apply what I've thought about over the break. We shall see!


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