November 24, 2009

"I tremble...they're gonna eat me alive"

South Carolina, we shall be seeing you in times of health.

The trip we were both anticipating got cut due to my diagnosis of Acute Bronchitis.
Okay, okay, I guess I can't hate on all those sick people schlumping around getting
the mainstream sick.
Well, actually I CAN hate on them because it's just plain rude.
But I know I didn't "catch" bronchitis from any of you swine flu-ers/flu havers.
So I rest my case with that.

I NEVER make trips to the doctor.
As Eric jokes, I could be turning green and I would refuse to make a trip to their office.
However, I wanted to take every precaution especially if I knew we would be going on our trip.

If you even walk into a Dr. office with a cough or any flu symptoms;
this is required;

(warning; NOT A GLAMOUR SHOT!!!)

I think my eyes say it all.

Anywho, I cannot stand the whole process of a Doctors office.
First a really nice nurse comes in after 10-15 minutes of waiting, she takes my info, we chat.
Then I wait another 10-15 minutes and see a overworked doctor come in.
I tell her what's going on, see her for two seconds
and then I wait another 10 minutes for a nurse to come in.
Then I get a flu test.
I wait fifteen minutes for the results.
Then the doctor comes in, tells me what I have, writes a prescription, and leaves.

And people wonder why I avoid that shit at all costs.

So after giving Eric the news (we were both very relieved it wasn't the flu)
we tried to figure out what we were going to do.
Since it wasn't the flu, I would PROBABLY be okay in the car ride down to SC.
But after my temp still being high, my coughing persisting, my periods of hot and cold,
my body aching, he made the right choice, which was a bummer, but he cancelled the trip.
I was so disappointed because I knew how let down he would be.
He needed this trip more than I did. He was SO excited.
I love when he gets excited about things.
He went through so much work to plan it out.
But in the end we ultimately decided to make plans for sometime in late spring
at a time when we both had our health.
Luckily, the band we were so excited to see in Georgia (we were going to spend a night there)
is playing in Chicago at a really intimate Venue.
We were planning on seeing them twice,
but I snagged tickets last night so we could see them for their Chicago show.

After laying in bed all day and home alone, he came over with Popsicles,
a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and some black licorice.
Also, he bought an X-box with a few awesome games so we could have something to do this week. We decided to just take it really easy this week and
I'm just going to kick it at his place since we both have no work
and I'm just bummin around anyways.
We are going to split Thanksgiving with both of our families instead
which will be good.

I am thankful for such a wonderful boyfriend who is extremely caring and understanding!
(sorry to gush, he has just done way too much for me for it to unnoticed!)

It definitely sucks being sick, but I need the rest.
Although I feel like crap, it feels REALLY good to just relax & watch some TV--
because it NEVER happens.
I hate just sitting around.
But in times of low health, I shall cherish it.
I am always on the go. And for now, I have to go get ready for the day.
Although it will pretty much be spent doing nothing, which I have no complaints about.
These little lungs need a rest!

If I don't post again, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

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Elizabeth Marie said...

LADY! Feel better sooooon omg. I had to wear a mask the other day also...maybe we should make it the new "thing" haha. You look gorgeous regardless!

Soo...staying brunette. Yesssahh!