November 23, 2009

ranting and raving. (mostly ranting)

Does anyone know what time it is??
(resist the urge to say "TOOL TIME!")

I hate to do this, but I'm really upset and disappointed.
Why, you ask?

I have been drying to rid this horrendous feeling by downing a few shots of scotch by the hour.
This is out of being extremely desperate.
I have done EVERYTHING to prevent getting sick.
Washed my hands obsessively, especially before I eat, I take vitamins, I've been gurgling with Listerine, I brush my teeth, I drink a ton of tea and water, I eat healthy, I get adequate sleep...

Why maybe it is people ignoring their symptoms and heading to class, work, the gym, wherever.
I despise this. But in a sense I understand it. I think half of it is denial or ignorance.
But for all you College of DuPage students...hacking everywhere you go.
Sick joke.
But as I was talking to Elyse about this, she said that she only skipped class when she was REALLY sick. "Teachers are not understanding enough to it and sometimes missing a class because you're sick is not an option."
Unfortunately it is totally true. People take advantage of it. I never miss class. I have to have a really good reason. However, not going makes me look lazy and like I do not care about the course. (This is mostly true) but I have never let this get in my way.
I like to look attentive.

So here is me...feeling awful and about to head to class.
I have good reasons; I have to turn in my 8 pg term paper that heavily impacts my grade
and I'm also getting my math test back that I took last Wednesday. These are my first two periods and after those I am going to head home and chill out until work, yes, WORK.
I have never called off before. I don't know if I will.
But I feel like if I didn't I would be going against EVERYthing I cannot stand.
I would just be getting more sick in the process, and perhaps pass on these germs,
but I feel awful. I will give them a call soon.

This also does not help because I am expected to be seated in a car tomorrow night for 13 hours for the trip to Hilton Head, SC. I am not driving, but I don't think that will make it better.
I just cannot even believe it. I think I am going to go to the DR.

Okay, okay...
On another note. I don't think this is a rant, so you can relax.
I know you're probably either saying;
"stop bitching or I agree 100%"

So moving on to a subject I hair :)

So some of you may know that all I have wanted to do with my hair I say;
"Rapunzel that shit."
About three or four years ago, I cut my hair MEGA short courtesy of a razor blade.
see here;

my senior year of high school.

I enjoyed this short style for awhile.
Then it hit its awkward phase...

Then I started wanting long, long hair.
During my "awkward phase" I was around one of my best friends at the time...
she had super long hair and I always envied it.
Lets also mention how my hair seemed to grow SNAIL PACE.
After a bit of patience and years going by...flash forward to now.
These were taken last night.

[ keep in mind..the hair is the issue..not my no makeup face ;) ]

see, but since my hair is so thick, I'm constantly fooled by its length.
People with thin hair appear to have longer hair because it falls straight and flat. Mine is full of odd placed layers (done by me of course) and volume.
I am not complaining. It would just be nice to have it look as long as it really is.
I am excited for my hair because it's finally getting that that "long length".
I want it down to my waist. Seriously..think Rapunzel or Jasmine from Alladin.
I want to "wear my hair".
Hopefully summertime will be starring some long locks on my head.
I cannot wait!

So back to what I was saying..I'm going to be heading off to school any moment now.
gag me with a spoon, I feel awful.
but on the bright side..the Doctors office line just opened.


a sickly tessabee.

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