November 19, 2009

"Fashion! Turn to the left!"

"Hey guys, I think I've come to a conclusion. It's a big deal and I'm pretty excited about it" what I uttered at work the other day to the girls decorating around the table.
Elyse goes, "So..what is it?" I'm sure she thinks its something important.
Then slips from my lips...

"I'm going to subscribe to Vogue because, well, I've been a long time reader..."
Silly girl thinking it might have been important ;)
But I guess it is kind of important to me.
I don't know why I didn't get a subscription my freshman year of high school when I first started adoring the fashion filled frail pages of couture.
How could you go wrong?
I have loved Vogue for so long it's not even funny.
I used to love creating outfits trying to mimic what I would see between the covers.
Some say they are all ads. A lot of them are.
But they are beautiful and carry inspiration.

There are some issues I remember perfectly.
Like this one. March. The Power Issue.

It's mega huge and it's always in March--my birthday month! :)

There are some issues I could re-order so I could just cherish them.
Like this one with Natalie Portman on the cover
I think it was like..2003? I know I was a sophomore in High School.
This issue was the best ever. I think it was February (cant find the cover anywhere!)
It had the best layout featuring Natalie with to-die-for hair.
I was so tempted to go with that kind of look in high school.

Her ensembles where phenomenal.
It's nice to see her all spruced up because her roles tend to be plain jane-ish.
It is also way easier to like her even more because she is vegan/vegetarian :)
I really respect her work and it's good to see great people among Vogue's pages.
But a huge reason why I loved this issue so much is because the fashion spread was AMAZING.
It featured crazy patterned Haute Couture dresses.
I remember being IN LOVE with an Oscar De La Renta dress.
Of course, I don't know how to find it now. I like this new fall collection though.

I remember being absolutely in LOVE with fashion.
That desire to follow it again is creeping back up and tapping me on the shoulder :)

Yikes! So I had two exams today. Business Math & Nutrition.
I finished them both extremely fast and that makes me VERY worried.
I think I did well on nutrition (I'd hope, it's a big passion of mine)!
But math. Yeaaahhhh. I dunno.
I finished and then I looked back and its like I didn't even remember I did it.
It just all went down on that paper so quick.
I don't even know if I knew what I was doing, but I got an answer for everything so I cannot complain. I even looked over it and still finished second. That can be good...or very very bad!

People have been saying the best things lately.
I have awesome friends. Even if they are away at colleges and located all over the place.
Awesome message I got today from Danielle.
It brings me back to the good days of weather class;

Danielle Rachford:
TESSSAAAA i miss your tessa-ness
umm life is pretty fucking fantastic. no complaints really.
i think about you all the time too, i miss the shit out of you.
there is no one here that openly threatens their own lives for a good grade hahahaha.
also, i miss your need to become an assassin. these are the things i love about you.
not many women can hold a light to your tessaness. its an energy all its own.
i need some of it, can we get together sometime while im home next week?
i think a drink is in order.

I cannot wait until summer so I can hang out with everyone when they come home.
For now I'm excited to get out of here for awhile myself and head down to the beach!
There will be more where this came from; but located in a much warmer environment!

(two weeks ago in Lake Forest)

I'm exxxhausted. It's been a good day, but a long one!
Have a great night!


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Elizabeth Marie said...

You're so cute! Yay for good friends and's my bible!