November 17, 2009

The weather channel says...

Wintertime requires a wardrobe.
& mine is getting there!...

Ah. Finally. Another shopping day.
& I got a purple clothing item which is just fantastic.
I've been trying to expand on my purple clothing and accessories.
I had to pay my Macy's bill & while I was in to do so...

Well, I decided to take advantage of the awesome sales going on right now.
Over the past few years I have been trying to establish a winter wardrobe. It has gone so poorly due to the fact that I always saw just long sleeves that I liked or T-shirts that were on sale.
Forget those days.
I have been so good about getting realistic winter clothes.
The ones that will actually keep me warm when it is 10 below zero.


Cute sweaters, great cardigans, and good long sleeve t shirts.
It's all very good. My winter wardrobe is now rockin!
The thing that I really like about Macy's is that they carry great colors & a wide variety of styles.
They also have really good sales and I always find something. It's all pretty basic.
I like basic clothing, but I also like some funky prints once in awhile.
I also enjoy the store because I like picking up things for Eric when I'm in there.
I got him a sweater today.
I love getting him little things here & there because he's always treating me to things (:


Hockey and their album Mind Chaos.
Ratatat and their album Classics.
The Flaming Lips and their newest Embryonic.

Tomorrow is skating! I am so excited.
(The same sweet pink blades I have. I love them!)

Now that competitive season is in full gear, it's great to get inspired every weekend.
I cannot wait to watch the Olympics!
I just wish I could skate more.
I miss the times where four times a week was alloted for skating.
Now it's narrowed down to two days. It's sad for sure.
I cannot wait for school to be done!
I am really trying to finish strong.
Classes are just starting to get interesting and I'm enjoying them.
Actually it's just History and Ethics I'm really enjoying right now.
I want a good GPA for my final semester.
I wish I had this motivation in high school, but my motivation comes & goes thats for sure.
I need it to remain a constant, I guess it just depends on what we're talking about.

Off to bed for me.
I'm so tired and need to catch up on my ZzZzZ's!
Have a wonderful night!
Stay healthy! :)


Song playing now: Imogen Heap (canvas)

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