November 15, 2009

" you can love me on the sly"


Another great weekend.

I had a great day at work on Saturday.
I guess we could talk about how much I'm really starting to love that job.
Sometimes the hours get really long, sometimes I hate the cookies, but most of the time..
It's awesome.
I literally get paid for doing something rad. I decorate cookies, people!
I sit around with some of the coolest people, laugh, and listen to tunes.
I feel really lucky. I really like what I do.

I also feel really lucky because I am with someone who is awesome in every sense.
I had another great weekend with Eric. It was pretty laid back. We need the rest.
We had a busy weekend last weekend and we will shortly be having another weekend;
driving to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving! How awesome! It will be a blast.
You know what road trips mean?!
...road trip playlists! :)
Two peas in a pod, I'm telling you.
We caught up on our CSI, Curb, & Always Sunny & we grabbed lunch out today.
All in all...
Very enjoyable weekend (:

Anywho, I made this good dish tonight for dinner and Eric loved it.
I will admit, it was pretty tasty. I'm just grateful he likes my cooking!
It was an Angel Hair pasta with basil, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh Parmesan.

Here's the recipe!
(I made small changes- but not many)
It is really simple but pretty tasty!
try it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


song on right now: Phoenix (1901)

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