December 2, 2009

radiohead & cleanliness.


I could not be more excited. I worked up a little inspiration & did some heavy cleaning.
I took down a lot of the posters that were in my room that I still liked, but could do without.
I felt so cluttered in my room. Small things everywhere.
Of course, I am organized so I always know where things are.
But I like to feel like my room holds no clutter.
I even tackled my closet. I have a big walk in closet.
This accumulates a lot of random stuff and it's been years since I've actually gone through it.
Perhaps I'll snap a few pictures...


I know, I know.
These pictures really don't do it justice. Plus, it was a complete train wreck before.
I'm sure some of you have much cleaner rooms than this, but it's still exciting none the less.
I have cleaned my room a few times in the past few months,
but nothing so in depth in awhile.
I'm also going back in fourth because I want to hold on to certain things.
like my Led Zeppelin poster and my Pink Floyd one.
But I'm trying to class the place up & they still make the cut :)
I kind of want to reorganize things, but my room kind of makes it hard--lots of odd angles.
My entertainment center is kind of wacky, so it has only one spot it can go.
I did the most with what I have.

My day was pretty good today. We have to fill out teacher evaluations this week.
My teachers are pretty good this semester so it's really easy to fill them out.
Classes are pretty simple right so that's a relief.
I'm all for not a lot going on in the academic aspect in my life.

I ended up at whole foods for lunch. I love Whole Foods.
But I was quite irritated at the checkout lines.
It seemed to take forever for me to get through even though in both instances
there was only one other person in front of me. Whatever.
I have this system when I go there...
I cruise around the store and find items for a good lunch.
I pay for it and sit in the cafe area and eat them.
Then I go back around the store to see if I need to get anything while I'm there.
This way I can walk off my lunch a little bit and look for something new,
but it also ensures me going through checkout twice.
Any other day than today this is no problem.
But I got some goodies so no complaints here.

The weather is getting colder and I am not excited about this.
I love a good Christmas-y spirit and getting bundled up...
but the cold sits in my bones for hours.
I'm ALWAYS cold.
It's the worst when you're in a classroom trying to pay attention.
The sky had a thick grey blanket over it today. It seemed so dark out at only 3pm.
It makes me want to crawl in bed and sleep until tomorrow.
I have ballet at 5:30. I'm so tired, I hope it goes well.
Dancing should put a little life in me...I hope!

Time to get ready!

sorry for the boring entry!


listening to: Radiohead (Nice Dream)

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