December 7, 2009

dear snowflakes; you ROCK!

Ah, finally.
I'm stepping away from math for awhile.
I've had suburb concentration today as I went over two chapters of review.
I have two exams this week; math & history.
Math is priority right now and as the end creeps closer--I get more and more nervous!
I have not passed a math class in ages.
Algebra is one thing, but this math (business math) I actually understand.
It's more relevant. But it is always at the end where you regret not putting in more time.
I should have. Oh well, Life is full of "should haves"
and I only assume that great things got in the way of my studies.
Of course, this isn't a justification by any means, it's just the truth.

[This is a picture taken about two years ago in a math class.
I had this class with a guy friend (not in the picture)
and I'd bring wine glasses and a bottle of Perrier and we'd sit in the back & drink it.
My teacher hated us. It was hilarious.
Of course--we both ended up dropping. heh]

I cannot believe school is almost done.
(I hope so--have to pass this math!)
It seems that it went by so slow yet so quick (this semester that is).
It feels like I've been in college FOREVER.
It will be an eerie feeling to be done. Kind of unsettling perhaps.
I've been going to classes at least three times a week for the past 3 1/2 years.
I've been filling my mind with tons of new information.
I have to admit, I didn't mind the material I was learning (most of the time)
Looking back at it, I enjoyed most classes I sat in.
I enjoyed the debates, the people I met, the professors I had...
I enjoyed doing well on tests and finding determination to get good grades.
It will be weird omitting this from my life for a period of time.
I think I will eventually go back for something.
The time away will be good for me.
I will enjoy working and mustering some savin' money!

Today I woke up to a fantastic sight of snow lingering on the tree branches
& just coating the ground. I love waking up to that sight.

When it snows I have a huge desire to stay in,
drink hot cocoa (or wine!), read magazines, and hang out.
Unfortunately today I had to schlump to class.
Things weren't bad today.
After I had my classes I went to Whole Foods
(conveniently located less than a mile from my campus)
and picked up a whole bunch of goodies.
I love when most of the stuff I end up getting is vegan.
I also love getting stuff for the week and knowing that it's healthy.
I hate spending my money on fast food (panera, noodles, etc)
and I find myself doing it ALL the time.
I'm glad I was able to stock up!

Today I also put a good amount of time into figuring out
what I wanted to get people for Christmas.
This is a tough call. I feel like I have so many gifts to buy.
I like to get creative. I hope I have the time and the money to do so.
I'm really excited about it.
I'm actually really excited about Christmas in general this year.
My mom's whole side will pretty much be at my house.
I love a full house on Holidays.
It just makes it all feel complete & cheery.

Tomorrow brings fantastic things.
Mainly because--it's skating time once again!
I've been off the ice for over two weeks.
This kills me. I like to be skating as much as I can.

This has to be one of my favorite views.
I anticipate it tomorrow. I just have to take it easy and get back into it.

However, I must get back to my studies :(
Just a few weeks left of school and just a few more hours before I step out on the ice again.
I look forward to both!



Sarah Von said...

Wine in math class - hahahah!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

tea for tessa said...

to Sarah: wasn't it obvious to see why the teacher hated us? heh

to Chelsea: Thank you! How exciting! I'll be sure to check out yours!

Michelle said...

Maybe wine is what I need to stop hating math! Genius!

Tiffany said...

love this post, you are making me excited for Christmas! and whole foods is so much fun but I always want to buy everything in sight :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hot choc or wine is one of my biggest dilemmas EVERY NIGHT. Seriously! I'm so glad school is almost over honey!

tea for tessa said...

Ha Ha! I'm always glad to get people in the spirit!!

And Elizabeth; if you have an iPhone/iTouch you MUST download the app called Hello Vino! and I haven't had hot choco in so long! (I'm a wierdo about drinking calories!)

and THANK GOODNESS for school being nearly done!