February 18, 2010

gold is in.

The Olympics have this funny way of inspiring me while making me feel horrible about myself.
Same goes for watching award shows.
I am so proud of each athlete and I know how much work goes into every sport & then...
there is me.
I have accomplished nothing great. I am not a household name. I have no immediate goals.
I guess that's not true, I have goals, but nothing I would call "jaw dropping".
It just makes me feel very, very lazy.
It's a bummer. But anywho-
I am super excited about Evan Lysacek!

I trained with Evan back in my competitive skating days. A long time ago.
We had the same coach and all of her students at that time were about the same age
so we all hung around with each other. Evan's parents actually live about 6 blocks over.
It's really exciting and I'm really happy for him; it's such a huge success
& it brings good to the town.
Unfortunately, I just know the results and not how the actual programs where.
I plan on watching them in the a.m. heh
Work got out later than expected and my mom resorted to taping it.
I have something to look forward to tomorrow morning!

But that's not all I have to anticipate;
This weekend is another one down in Indy. Woohoo! Stopping at Fair Oaks Farm! Awesome!
Going to a baby shower this weekend which should be nice :)

For now I am beyond exhausted.
Enjoy the weekend!


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