February 24, 2010

"I tied it to the radiator"

This can be found on my bedroom floor;

You can say I've delved into fashion again. This is never a bad thing.
It always goes this way;
I am fastidious about it for a period of time (dressing better, studying fashion, acquiring clothing, inspiration, and most importantly; ideas! ) then I kind of let it all go. It all comes in waves. So the time again is now.
It all starts with an issue of Vogue I randomly snag one night, then inspiration, then the purchasing of fashion books...& then I'm making impromptu trips to Goodwill (there is an AWESOME Goodwill by me). The Goodwill trip is ALWAYS the best part.
It is like rummaging through 1000 closets of people who are all shapes and sizes and all have different ideas of what is "give away-able".
Anywho, I found some great items there today. Along with these purchases I got a brand spanking new pair of red skate guards at Triple Toe today (thanks to a gift card I had). I have been hellbent on getting red ones. I am so excited to sport them at the rink as silly as that sounds, but part of the fun of skating is all the accessory crap that goes with it. I hope to sneak in a freestyle tomorrow.

But speaking of purchasing all this stuff, I have got to cool it with the spending. The thing that always throws me back is the travel that Eric and I do. I think it's worth it. I am smart about my purchases and always really consider each thing I buy. We are somewhere different every weekend which encourages shopping. Indianapolis always puts a dent in my account and we were there again this weekend. I told myself that Goodwill was the last place I was going to spend. I am good about managing my accounts in the sense that I always have enough for what I need and I make sacrifices if my oil needs changing or something needs to be bought for gifts or something. I always pay my bills on time and in full. It gets harder to do, but it's so important to keep my credit in check. I have just a little bit more time to throw my money around how I want to and then it comes to a point where I just don't need any more shit. I feel like my wardrobe is really well rounded and I hope to just focus on getting staple pieces and things I will have around for awhile.

I will retire for the evening with watching The Royal Tenenbaums (has to be one of my favourite movies) and cutting up fashion magazines for inspiration (one of my favourite pastimes). How perfect.

How will you enjoy yours??

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