May 8, 2010

becoming see through.

my goodness.
I remember the days where I would update this thing everyday.
It has now been reduced to 2 times a month. How sad.
Needless to say, things have been busy aka I've been sleeping in really late.
We like to stay in bed until 11am which is extremely problematic.
I like to be an early riser and get as much done in the morning as I can.
At the same time I'm doing a fine job of hitting the snooze button at least a dozen times a day.


things have been going very well with me.
Work has been really good.
Things are starting to die down since there are no more big holidays until October.
I love my job in the summer.
We have a few late nights in there, but for the most part we get out pretty early and when you're working nights that is a huge perk.
They are actually starting to put me on morning shifts.
It will suck to get up at 5:45 2-3 times a week, but it will be righteous to get home at 3.
I can be either a morning person or a night person.
YAY for adaptability!

I feel like I am finally adjusted to the new location of where I live.
I feel so comfortable here.

I've been noticing that it is the little things that are melting my heart.
I feel very at peace.

So lets talk about this magazine called "Real Simple"
The first time I picked it up I felt like I was 32 and had two kids.
It seemed like "that kind of magazine"...
The May issue is everything I could want and more.
Can you say FLORALS?!
I love anything floral/antique-y looking and they have a spread devoted to decorating with florals.
Too bad I cant chick this place out with shades of purple and flower shit everywhere.
I respect that I live with a dude.
That dude happens to be my boyfriend and I think we both are content with the Grey, Blue, and Green paint that cover the various walls of this home.
They also have this spread that makes me feel like I'm 60 because it's aimed at moms
& what to get for them for mothers day.
I like everything they suggest.
Plus they have some really good recipes this month
check it out.

On another note, I'm trying not to blow all my money on Etsy purchases.
My new frequently searched item are oxford boots.
I ordered a pair of black ones and am in love with them.

Vintage Black Leather Oxford Ankle Boots Size 8M

I need brown ones to match!
We are going on vacation soon and I have no idea what to pack.
We will be headin down to Savannah & Hilton Head at the end of the month--
so many things to look forward to!
I wish I didn't suck so much at packing.
Every trip I go on I end up hating nearly everything I brought along with me.
I hope to avoid this problem.
The logical me wants to start making a list of all the things I need & keep adding things day by day. The procrastinator in me will probably forget all about this.

I am so excited for a change of scenery.

I am also excited to head out to the city tomorrow for my friend, Yara's, birthday shindig!
I enjoy the city very much so in small doses.

my $50 target gift card came today courtesy of Chase & their debit rewards!

I wish it didn't take me three days to keep coming back to this post!

Q: What is your favourite song right now?

t e s s a x

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