June 13, 2010

vacation wrap up.

Alas. Blogging again.
And it is a rainy day! bonus.

I've been putting this of for far too long simply because so much has occured. I think I've seen Metric, Gone on vacation to Hilton Head/Savannah for a week, saw Phish, and worked at another store location, and got a stellar new phone! We've also cleaned this house up so damn well and have added things that make it way personal. So where to begin?

Lets start with Vacation (and end with it not really in the mood to go on about the last four weeks). What an amazing time. Of course, when it includes Eric and I, nothing will be conventional. Our vacation started with us landing on the Savannah runway to only receive a voicemail stating that Eric's Grandmother had been hospitalized for a stroke. Unaware of the severity or the lack there of, had us renting the car (a convertible!) and getting to the Hilton Head hospital in a frenzy. We got there to find out that she had a minor stroke, but would need to remain inpatient for the next few days. Also, this vacation was not one that was planned to include just Eric and I. His cousin, her husband, and their new baby were also to meet us up there. Last minute, his aunt, uncle and two other cousins decided to come down. This only added to his grandparents and Aunt & Uncle already living down there. The first few days were revolved mostly around family mostly because of his grandmothers condition and Eric's birthday that was on June 1st.

Our first two nights were spent in Downtown Savannah. Our first night we ended up getting back in the room exceptionally late and settled in with some episodes of Arrested Development. The second night we went around downtown Savannah and knocked back a few at Eric's favourite pub, Kevin Barry's. We had a great time roaming the cobblestone streets as the drinks made us melt into the night-time heat. What an enjoyable night. It was kind of nice to stay in Savannah for our first two nights while everyone was back in Hilton Head. It allocated long drives at night in the convertible enjoying the Savannah nights. Hilton Head/Savannah are such beautiful places. I love the minimal sign-age that is found throughout the island--and how everything is hidden and classy. It was also nice to walk out your hotel and down to the nightlife of downtown.

Our next three nights would be spent at the Westin in Port Royal where our room would be equipped with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. These things occurred in three days/nights; many complaints would be made to the front desk resulting in candy and sodas, hours worth of conversation on our balcony at night, a fantastic birthday dinner followed by billiards, naming and making friends with a huge spider on our balcony, A couples massage/jacuzzi & tons of champagne and the amazing spa, hangin out in the ocean and on the beach, racking up a huge phone bill, and room service that consisted of Nova Lox! The setting of this hotel made it so easy to relax. It seemed like every hotel that we stayed at had a different feel and had a different advantage. We loved the privacy of the balcony at the Westin on the beach but loved the openness and height of the Westin we stayed in on our last two nights overlooking downtown Savannah.

This vacation really rejuvenated us. Especially Eric. He needed this vacation. Normally after 7 months of being here, I am in dire need of a change in scenery. Eric hadn't really had a proper vacation in 3 years so we both indulged in what vacation had to offer. We both made an ecstatic effort to get the new EVO 4G Sprint phones that came out a week or so ago during one of our last days there and now are both enjoying the perks of 4G on the now network.

I think in my head, I still think I am there sometimes. I love how free the week was. How happy Eric and I were (and how i'm glad that transcended so well to our life back home). I wish we could go back there. Although, I wouldn't want to stay again there next year, we decided every other year we will find ourselves in Savannah/Hilton Head. Eric's family has been going there for so many years, so he was so anxious so show me around and that was so great to understand why it meant so much to him :)

some pictures that were taken by Eric and his beloved tri-pod.

Us at Sea Pines

The Westin in Savannah. We stayed here our last two nights.
I loved this hotel.
on the balcony at the Savannah Westin

Erics Birthday :)

Lightning over the ocean.
Eric was messing around with his camera during one of the most insane thunderstorms I had ever been in. We were on our balcony and the thunder was so loud and the lightning just about blinded me. How amazing. This shot was taken at night. Around 11:45 pm. That's how bright this lightning was.

downtown Savannah at night

If you find yourself wondering if there were any downfalls on the trip--there were! No Chipotle FOR 150+ MILES. If you go to Hilton Head you better not find yourself craving your beloved chicken burrito bowl or tacos slathered with barbacoa and sour cream ;)

Life has been good. We have been living comfortably and at the end of the trip it did feel good to come home. After being in so many different clean houses of his relatives and staying in hotel rooms that got cleaned, it inspired me to make a drastic effort to keep the house super clean when we got home. I've been pressuring Eric like crazy to clean is office to make it double as a hang out room since it is so big. Since mentioning, the office has become quite clean and is now equipped with a new 52" flatscreen. Good stuff. Our house is finally ready to show off!

What has been keeping you busy??

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