September 30, 2010

nineteen fashion tracks; musical Inspiration.

Sometimes I see something that was created and think "Hm. I wonder what they were listening to when they did that." It's like that when I see a designers new line. It's like, what were they inspired by? Who have they seen? What new album did they get? What movie did they watch? What is even better is that it's most likely a mix of all of that. Some lines you see have a certain theme, something repetitious found throughout and some lines are all over the board and seems to be a result of various inspiration. Music has such an impact on my life and it moves me in so many ways and is often present when I conjure up some of my best thoughts or ideas. Whenever I hear a song, I always create the storyboard for it in my head, something to bring to life while I listen. Depending on what song I'm listening to, it will determine the outcome of clothing or makeup.

I decided to gather together some of my favourite songs that inspire me to dress a very certain way. They either put a specific decade in my mind, or a mood, or a scene where people are dressed have a particular style. So get in your closet and listen to these tunes


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