September 17, 2010

Ralph, The September Issue, and the whole gang!

Ah. The September issue of Vogue has been in my possession for seven days. (I know, I'm late on this one)
& it is time to delve in to the favourites.
I have always liked Vogue for its smart writing, and yes,
Vogue does have articles in between the countless number of ads. (although I love the ads)
A few articles really caught my eye this issue and a few trends definitely do not make my list of things I will try to replicate or, well, re-create.

So if you have an issue of Vogue, grab it, and lets crack this thing open!

"Suitably Understated" was maybe my favourite article of the issue (pg. 486)
It's short and sweet, but the idea makes me swoon.
Ralph Lauren himself worked with this woman to create the perfect work ensamble. Something masculine, but when on the feminine figure would transform into nothing but sex and class. At the same time you ask? Leave it to Ralph- and his team of perfectly picked Italian men who flew in directly to make a suit for the author of the article. This is the classic look I was talking about, and when incorporated in the work place can create just the right mindset for success.
Casual Fridays bring out the best in me because I can ditch the god awful (worst thing I have ever seen) polo that I am forced to wear (you have no idea what this does to my creativity and mood). Anywhoooo..this article was a hit with me. I love the idea of meeting with one of the best designers of our time, talking about the mundane but also about his work over the course of his life. Not only to meet with him, but to coordinate a suit with your opinions and his to create perfection. Ah, lucky you, Sally Singer.

While we are on the subject of Ralph Lauren, I guess we can talk about the fall line, which I am in love with just as much as the latest Oscar de la Renta fall collection. I'll post a few pictures that will speak for themselves, but before they do, I guess I'll put a word in (that's so like me). I love the use of velvet in some of these outfits. Velvet brings me back to the days where I was 8 and getting custom figure skating dresses made for competitions. I love how rich it makes the outfit look, literally and figuratively. It's just gorgeous and especially for the autumn months and when incorporated in a layered kind of look. Bonus points if the velvet is super dark in colour, deep reds, dark greens, black, dark greys, etc. I love how he takes classic fall colours and that that all american, equestrienne-esque kind of look, but makes it high fashion, yet approachable? Perhaps that's not the right wording, but it's all I've got. On to the pictures. For more, go here.

There are so many great elements here. Whimsical high fashion is the best way to describe it now that I have it all laid out here.

Stop your drooling.

Something that made me do the exact opposite of swoon ::insert own imagery here:: was featured on page 508. "A little slouch goes a long way". I will disagree. It actually goes nowhere with me. While I don't mind most of what Hessnatur creates, I can't say that I love this hat that makes you look like a mouse that went roaming under the bed who came out with a sock on your head... see here. (and note, the picture in the magazine makes it look less appealing than this even)


For now, this is not a trend I'm on board with. However, it might be one of those things like animal prints, some people make them look fantastic, while others make you want to donate your jacket to save them further embarrassment. Who knows, I may bite my tongue later.

I loved the article "Breaking Ground" on page 554 about a Woman that lives and struggles with MS. My Grandmother has MS and it was good to gain some other perspective, learn more about it, and read about the advancements they have made in regards to treating it. Good questions were also brought up in reference to women and why they seem to struggle with more autoimmune diseases than men. Overall, a good read, plus it gave me a reason to e-mail my Grandmother.

Anthony Vaccarello also gave a great interview/story to Mark Holgate on page 520 in "PARIS when it SIZZLES". I really enjoyed what he had to say. Especially "Every season I try to grow but I like...a wardrobe of the essential pieces a woman needs right at that moment." Perfect. He also keeps his passion to himself and his work associates, saying he "...doesn't talk about fashion" when he is around friends. I admire that, sometimes I think the most important things should be the things least likely to share with just anyone because this way you have no external influence on your personal decisions. I need to remember that.

And one more quick note appears on page 324; Blake Lively looks amazing here. This is the best picture of her that I've seen. I can see that picture being one that follows her throughout her life. You know, like one of those books that will come out in 2045 that features fashion from our era.
Kind of like this one that I have that is simply amazing...that features the biggest designers, models, etc. of the past 65 years.

Good work, Mario Testino! Another great shot captured. See here;

Of course there are other many other great highlights in the September issue. I just pointed out a few quick favourites.

I'll leave you with a last photo of my outfit from today. I dig it. I am loving the mismatched prints. I feel most comfortable the more outlandish my clothes are. I am so glad that colder weather is on its way! I can layer layer layer! I really utilize my closet in the winter because I love having all sorts of things on top of each other. Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful week! Mix some prints!

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Chase and Jessica said...

So I think I need to go and get the september Vogue, I think I am way behind! I love the velvets! So awesome, this post makes me want to go shopping.

I LOVE your outfit in the end too. You look great!