September 16, 2010

The tales of Oscar & the perfect fall line.

Music with no words gives me more time to think, but allows my thoughts to montage themselves perfectly in that movie preview sort of way. After getting bored of almost all the playlists on my iPod, I ended up opening up my music library and leaving it up to chance. Luckily, something perfect always pops up. Today, it was Yann Tiersen and his song La Noyee. This was the perfect thing for me to contemplate life to for awhile. So I did. Over and over. I thought about thousands of things. The best things come to me while I'm driving along. His music always inspires me. The songs make me want to walk along the streets of France with a baguette in hand, or they make me want to get on the ice and try out straight-line footwork, or they make me want to wear fabulous outfits and do fabulous things. With such great thoughts, I never wanted to stop driving.

Then a thought popped into my head. There should be a fashion line based upon the music of one artist or a group of artists, or a genre. Music drives about 86% of my inspiration, I'm sure many designers have music on while designing. I don't think it has ever been labeled as a piece of clothing being inspired by a song or an album. It gets me thinking... maybe I shall get something in the works.

After poking around for awhile, the verdict is in!...
Oscar has got it this season.
I am officially in love with I'd say about 84% of the fall collection.
Oscar de la Renta has always been one of my favourite designers.
I still remember a Vogue from 2004 with Natalie Portman on the cover that featured an Oscar de la Renta dress that I just loved. His clothes are a tad flirty, but always with the times and almost timeless. I LOVE his use of colour. He has always incorporated colours extremely well. His direction with the gem tones mixed with black and white and earth tones makes the line look like optimistic high fashion. Something for everyone. There aren't enough words for me to sum it up. It just makes me giddy. Don't worry, I'll post a few pictures, that would just be cruel if I went without...

The hat is perfect.
I love how elaborate the coat is.
The skirt is just at the right length to go with the rest of the outfit.
People say that models are supposed to just be the clothes hanger, but in this picture, she makes this outfit look damn good.

The coat is too good.

mmm. mmm. mmm.
the colour is perfect!

Looks peacocks instilled the inspiration for these colours!

This coat makes such a good statement. I love it.
I have a feeling it's a 6ft tall kind of coat and not a 5'3 kind of coat. Damn.
You know what, no, I think I could pull that off. heh

Love the colour. Love the cut. I love how the material looks so old and so perfect.
This is my favourite piece of the collection.
I want to wear it every day the week of Halloween.
WOW! (just thought of how awesome that would be!)

Ha, I opened up this blog to post about fur. My thoughts and my favourites. But before actually typing anything, Oscar got to me. That's okay, there are really no regrets.

Oh god. What a tease. Check it all out here.

Speaking of Halloween, I have only slight ideas of a look I could go for this year.
Hopefully that works out...
Halloween puts such tasty things in my mind like Chili Dogs, Apple Cider, miniature size candies, and those little orange and black holiday edition hostess cupcakes! (hopefully they still make those!) I am more excited than I thought! Well, as long as I get all of those things, I will be a happy clam. I dig passing out candy to the little boppers in fun little costumes, but I enjoy eating it more. Hurrah!

And yes, there will be pumpkin carving this year!

Enjoy that collection!

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