September 14, 2010

cold cut classics.

Sometimes I feel it's all about that signature look.
the signature is everything.
You know, that look that you've established and made your own and people associate you with it.

I had always wanted to make something my own, have my own association;
a long braid or fitted black pants with a white button up, or big earrings or hats. Or hell even a perfume would have sufficed. Then I read an article (not this particular one) about someone who actually has made this come to life. Alexandra Kotur, the style director of Vogue has created her very own signature look as part of her daily work outfit, which has become well known and well admired among her co-workers. She appears everyday in dark fitted pants, navy/brown/or black. The shirt is always a light color, either white or off-white and it's a button down. The shoes on her feet are either loafers or ballet flats. Classic. I love this idea. She wears no makeup and pulls her hair back into a bun Monday-Friday. For events, this is really the best part, she "transforms" with makeup, beautiful jewelery, and anything but her usual workday self acquired uniform. What a trickster! (& I love it.) Although my job allocates creativity and is much more laid back than anything you'll find in the corporate office world, sometimes I long to have an office job so I can create new looks each day. The word "uniform" makes me CRINGE. Especially if this consists of a pre-made company polo and if a visor is involved, forget it, I won't even apply. Wearing a set uniform retards my creativity flow a great deal. I briefly worked at Marshall Fields right before they turned into Macy's. Marshall Fields allowed you to wear what you wanted as long as that consisted of something nice. Macy's turned off the creativity and amped up the class (in uniform standards, anyways) and went with an all black dress code and now as a direct result (I wear a lot of black) I get mistaken for an employee often when I go into Macy's. The only perk of this transition was that Marshall Field employees received 50% off EVERYTHING black in the whole store in order to prepare for the new dress code standard. Unfortunately, that was my only job thus far that allowed you to pick your own clothes for work. How depressing...

The problem for me and a "trademark" look is that you can't really pin me to a specific style. I have always had this revolving door look going for me where some days I look like I came out of a goddamn Gap catalog and other days I look like I did some searching in my Grandma's closet or just got off stage at a concert. This has always worked for me, but it lacks the trademark. As for perfume goes, I have always had this fascination with what a perfume can do for you. They say scent is closest related to memory. It is about the impression you want to give and the scent you want to last. I think when you chose a perfume for the evening, you are subconsciously choosing a mood. Of course, your clothes reflect that and should encompass how you feel, but the scent is almost what can make that outfit come to life and can make those inner senses come out. People can also react differently to you based upon your scent. The thought is thrilling. Therefore, you can never just have one perfume in your collection, it needs to be an elaborate mix of sweet, spicy, strong, and sexy. With the right scent, you might just own the night. Remember that.

looks I LOVE.

too perfect for fall.

All I want this year is a Mink coat. A knee length mink.
A mink for winter and a Trench for fall.

I cannot wait to inherit my moms furs.

Everything Jackie wore was a hit.

I normally disdain white sunglasses. They remind me of an ex-boyfriends mom.
This is someone who should have NOT been wearing white sunglasses.
To me, they take a lot to pull off and they have to be the perfect frame shape.
I LOVE these sunglasses though.
along with....

On the days where I wear a black turtle neck and black skinny pants, I feel like that should be what I wear every day. I love it, it's easy, and I'm always reminded of classic Audrey.
However, I'm too colourful of a person for all black all the time.

& perfumes that need to be mine.

Lola Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz.

I started wearing Marc Jacobs perfume when I was a freshman in high school.
For such a long time his scents had this heavy gardenia base & all smelled similar.
However, this smells nothing like his signature fragrance and I still love it!

I love Chance but don't have the original. Unfortunately, I only smell this when I go into a mall and douse myself with it, and I try to avoid malls. However, I need to make this scent mine.

Perfect timing for me to swing back into my fashion phase. Right when I need to stop blowing money and start hiding it like crazy under my mattress (or a bank account?) It is vital. Absolutely vital that I stop blowing money. So I can just be thankful that Christmas is coming up and leave it at that. If I want any new clothes, they must be thrifted. I might choose Vogue over food too, I feel it feeds me better.

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