September 2, 2010

the "REALLY?!" post + Toby!

Just some thoughts.

So I drive on the high way almost everyday for a good 80 minutes total. I see a lot of cars and well, a lot of stupid shit. I disdain when I pass a BMW, "the ULTIMATE" driving machine. Even more so when I'm only doing something like 65. I hate it even worse when I see they are dealer plates and they are test driving a vehicle. I cannot help but think, this is a high way, you're in a dream machine, PRESS DOWN ON THE GAS. Those people should not be allowed to purchase a BMW. There is only one exception here, and that is for my father, who I like to call a true war hero (yeah, Vietnam). He owns a BMW 5 series. I believe it is an '05. My dad drives under the speed limit. He has set the car to make a pleasant ringing noise once he hits 40 MPH. Given, my dad has a 15 minute drive to work where all the roads are 35 MPH speed limits, but REALLY?! I don't think he has ever gotten a ticket. So if you see a 5 series scootin' around Naperville with vet plates, don't get mad, just pass him, flash a smile, and wave. He means no harm.

Something that I also find just plain stupid is men who spend $50,000 on an SUV and allow their wives to prance home from places like Target and Just Ducky with those god awful family stickers and put them on the back. You know what I'm talking about. Those little decals where it shows the Dad (he is ALWAYS the tallest one), the mom (who is doing something stupid like wearing yoga pants or curling her hair), a little girl (she will have ballet slippers on or maybe pom poms in hand), and a little boy (he will be wearing a lame polo and holding a golf club or tennis racket). OH don't even dare forget about the pets that have their own little stickers. What self respecting male allows this to happen? REALLY?! You're going to have your whole little family stuck on the back of your automobile. I always have to chuckle also because in the series 'Dexter' a serial killer uses those stickers to track down a victim. ha ha ha. Drive on, assholes.

See here. REALLY?!

But on a whole other note, things are going very well. I needed to get those thoughts out.

So to not make this post completely useless, I suppose I will mention our new cat that came into our lives yesterday! A woman I met in school posted a status that she needed to find a home for her cat, Toby. Luckily, we ended up getting him and he is the best cat ever! I think he really digs it here, he is great company :)

One rad cat.


Chase and Jessica said...

So I thought the family sticker things on the back of the cars was a Utah mormon thing only. NO JOKE! I HATE seeing those stickers! You will see a nice cadillac escalade, and then seeing those stupid stickers!! People here will have like 10 kids, so it will take up their whole back window.

I promise you someday when I have a million kids, and I drive a big suv I will not put those stupid stickers on my car. haha.

Ha ha ha ha said...

I know! It is one thing to see a woman driving with those on the back, but I hate it when a male slaps those on his car. Either way is bad, but you get the idea.

You're so funny! I'm sure if you want a ton of kids you are loving the ride of child rearing right now. Good for you Jess, hopefully one day, I'll be right there with ya!

Chase and Jessica said...

Yes, I am loving the mommy life! I am glad you want it too someday :)