October 5, 2010

Trick or Tweet; Chanel 2011 + the envy of actors.

"You know what keeps me from acting?...fuckin' auditions" -Mitch Hedburg

This line from one of his sketches popped into my head today while I was sauntering along on my walk. Even though I was listening to music and not comedy. I love Mitch Hedburg; that perfect stoner mentality and his unique delivery method. It got me thinking about acting and creating and building a character that fits the part like a god damn puzzle piece. Then it made me, once again, realise that actors have the best job in the world. I feel like actors are empty vessels waiting for the next role to fill, the next person to create, the next figure to portray. I think about this often (particularly at a certain part in my drive to work). However, it takes a certain something in someone to be a very good creator of character. I think it would be so fun to step into another life and be someone else for a short period of time. To wear clothes you wouldn't normally wear or be made up in a face you would normally never have. It seems like it would be quite the day to day agenda, but I guess it looks perfect from far away.

This thinking about acting sparked the idea of costume and character, and with the frigid air grazing my showing skin, it all made me think of Halloween. My thought flow will always take me to interesting waters... So really, I was wondering why I don't get more into the whole dressing up thing. It's rather peculiar since I'm such an avid fan of the idea of stepping into another person for awhile and carrying different mannerisms. I would really like the idea of being Margot Tennenbaum this year. Since, after all, I am sporting the hair and could smoke a few cigarettes throughout the evening and blow smoke past my thick black eyeliner. The unfortunate downfall occurs when I became aware that I do not have a perfect mink coat like the one she sports throughout the movie as one of her trademark essentials (what a perfect essential). I also have so many coats hanging all over this house and don't want to necessarily have another, but if I see something before Halloween, it might just be way too hard to resist. And yes, I hope something comes up.

I have been in love with this weather lately. When the high for the day is 57, it is a good one. A day that calls for shorts, but only if paired with a pair of outlandish tights!- my favourite spring/summer/fall addition to outfits. Ah fall, I love you.

All the tweets poured in this morning of people gushing over how fabulous the Chanel show in Paris was. That would be one show I would have loved to attend. The gift bags looked pretty rad, too. All in all, I was way to early to judge the little blue bird that is the logo of the twitter world. I love getting hot of the press information, especially when it regards Fashion Week. Sadly, all this "awesome, hip, totally cool" technology makes me long for the times of handwritten notes to friends folded strategically and passed along in the halls and phone calls to friends houses where you had to ask their parents if your friends were able to speak. Those times are gone, unfortunately, unless you're in fifth grade, but even then so, you probably still have a cell phone. But, I shall bow down to my Evo 4G that fetches information at the drop of a hat and keeps me informed on all that is going on around the world, whether that refers to Karl Lagerfeld's latest creation or Time's informative article, I just have to be lucky that I get good news quick.

Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld...

I checked out this 2011 Chanel spring collection and it looks like there are so many inspirational pulls, but they are all so different, but work together really well to create a really bold look. Most things were able to strike a certain character to me, in a way that's like "Oh, so and so would wear that dress". I love that there was a 90 piece band present at this show. I can just imagine how wonderful it was--how powerful. Hans Zimmer style, although I doubt it was as dramatic. I had a lot of fun looking at it. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the models or the make-up. I just thought that some outfits were so light and pretty and then the model was so dark and made for a juxtaposition that I did not like. I know that models are more so hangers than anything else, but sometimes they can really make or break the look. Enough babble, I will slap a few pictures up;

this looks like something Dorothy would wear if Oz produced couture

M.I.A meets J. Lo.

this would be Wednesday Addams wedding dress

makes me think of what would happen if Gwyneth Paltrow's 1999 Oscar Dress fought with her 2002 Alexander Mcqueen pick and then threw in some western flare.

I think Florence Welch would wear this to an award show.

High end version of Pocahontas meets up with Proenza Shouler

Jaqueline Kennedy-esque.

On one last note...

I think Starbucks is so extremely overrated and if their coffee doesn't make you feel extremely janky after you consume it, then you have a stomach sewn together by the gods. That is all. Have a lovely day! Go Caribou!

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