November 27, 2010


The chill has made its way to this section of Illinois. While I'm constantly cold, I was getting annoyed with those few warmer days that crept their way into the start of November. Cold becomes appropriate. I can deal with the cold. Until February comes, then it has no place in my life.

I'm watching a White Stripes rockumentry. I envy Meg's quiet demeanor. Ugh. If only.

Thanksgiving was enjoyable. It's always good to see family that you don't always see. Thanksgiving always involves no one using an inside voice and playing endless games of pool. There were two great football games (Patriots/Lions) & (Cowboys/Saints) and the food was great. Everyone stayed occupied and had a good time. It was pleasant.

I don't know how I've been feeling lately. It was good to see my best friend from middle school/high school again the other day. It's always nice to catch up and There's a sort of comfort or ease to it. The same kind you don't necessarily get when you're telling someone that has only known you for two or three years.

As the colder temperatures make their way into our lives for the next few months, I want an awesome pair of boots, something you can wear almost anywhere. Like THESE. I want a pair so bad. Finding the right shoe each day is always a conflict. Shoes aren't something I buy obsessively like some girls, but I should start picking out more well rounded shoes.


I've been obsessed over a movie I have not yet seen, but I want to so badly.
I listened to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack a bunch when I was in Japan.
I know what the movie is about, but I lack the ability to see it.
I know it will be my new movie obsession, like The Royal Tenenbaums is/was.
The opportunity has not yet encountered my life. I need to get it in Blu Ray.

Alexander McQueen tribute.

yay. I love the little tinies.

Pleats are making their way back for spring. Get some.


Mckenzie Jean Harner said...

I love your mention of pool here... i will always put pool and the Groll residence together

Tessa G. said...

It's interesting now looking back. Back then it seemed like there was nothing to do, but it was sort of like a fun house. I had certain things I did with certain friends. We always played pool, while Sara and I always played video games, and Erin and I took walks or looked at magazines. I miss all that!