November 17, 2010

I cannot forget the construction paper.

It finally happened. There is finally Christmas music in my iTunes folder. I never really needed it when I lived at my house because my mom went overload on Christmas music from December 1'st till the arrival on the 25'th. Now that I no longer live at home, I found the strong desire to hear that music and I also found the need to spruce up the house with little decorations that I picked up. I like the whole concept of simplicity when it comes to...well...certain things. Christmas decor is one of those. My mom decorates extremely well, but there is so much of Christmas. It slaps you in the face when you walk in the door. Like I said, it's done extremely well, so it is more appealing versus repulsive. It's classy shit too, all very well themed. I literally walked up to a Christmas shelf, picked up four cute Christmas buy-me-downs and popped them up on various shelves, tables, and high speakers around the house. No regrets, it adds spirit, especially the little wreath I added on the door in the hallway.

So back to work has been a decent adjustment. It's always hard coming back from a vacation. I'm just exhausted. I worked way longer than anticipated today, but shit was just nuts. There was no avoiding getting out before 6. Or...7. I spent a ton of time with people-and boy did they have questions. I love it though. Initially, I hate the idea of going to the front to help someone, but I always am so glad I did. Some customers really stand out and I am so happy that they came in. But my favourite is when I give a first time shopper a really great experience. I know, that sentence sounds raunchy (or my mind is[forsure] always in the gutter) I feel like it locks them in, like I made someone visibly happier. That has to be the best thing. I know right away who the great people are. There is just a certain chemistry that happens, either you like the customer upon an ocular pat down* or you don't. Today a woman kind of scared me. She barked that she wanted these cookies...promptly. Eek Alert. Whatever. It is what it is. At the end of the day it will be a good paycheck. Or in two weeks it will be a good check. Damn.

On another note, while I decorated the house for Christmas, I feel extremely bad for Thanksgiving! I feel like it's a sad holiday because people tend to skip right over it. I plan on making a few hand turkeys tomorrow and taping them up around the house. I really hope I remember to get some construction paper. There will be purple turkeys.

I scored some really awesome leggings at Uni Qlo while I was in Japan. They were on sale for only $5 so I got three pairs. Check these out;

I love that and am again thankful that I was able to go back to Machida that last day to shop with my sister-in-law. My dad rejected shopping every chance he had and it was quite unfortunate. I'm glad that my last day was filled with some of my best purchases and a positive shopping experience. I actually am not a huge shopper. I like to be in and out and can generally spot whether or not I will have success in the first few minutes. I especially cannot stand a crowded shopping experience. It was hard in Harajuku in places like H&M and Forever 21 because there were just so many people there. I need room to think and mostly breathe when I shop. I prefer Good Will on a Monday afternoon around 1:00 pm.

But I wish Harajuku was a place I had access to all the time.

I finally uploaded my pictures.

*An 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' reference from season 5 episode 2. Hilarious episode.


Jessica said...

I want that leopard coat asap! So jealous, I would love to go shopping there. I had a roommate once that was from there and she always complained about our shopping here. ha

Tessa G. said...

Not only that, but they treat your items so nicely there and they like, present your credit card back to you. The whole service process is just very different as well. The shopping here is all branded. There are a few unique boutiques, but for the most part Americans care strictly about a label. Where in Japan, a label might matter, but it's not essential to how they dress. It is more a matter of creation versus buying into a put together ideal.

I wish I had more time to shop there though.