November 14, 2010

Eleven hours in the air leaves behind the funk.

This is my last night in Japan.
The feeling is bittersweet to put it best ::que 'Bittersweet Symphony'::
I came to this country to see my niece for the first time, visit with my brother and sister in law, and to explore the wonderful territory that is a mere 13 hour plane ride West. I've had so much ocular excitement in the past week that falling asleep has been no trouble at all. I have fallen in love with Japanese fashion even more so than I thought was possible and I'm glad I was able to snag some fashion magazines from the area. I love the youth here, so unique and bubbly. The stores here are so bright and almost enough to make you dizzy, funky fashions adorn the walls and hangers. Harajuku is where my fashion mindset (and a piece of my heart) resides and I love the head to toe creativity that the people that fill Harajuku are able to pull off with such ease. I was so excited to capture a couple quick street shots of people. My suitcase is extremely packed, but I am so excited to dispense the souvenirs that I got for people. I literally cannot even believe that I was able to fit everything. I wanted to get everyone something, but it was so hard seeing that I had no time to save money or really prep at all before my trip. I did my best, but am anxious to see what everyones reactions are because I tried to get personal gifts for people. Those are the only gifts I can buy.

I feel like I can barely talk about Japan without the inclusion of pictures and I would prefer for those pictures to be my own. I am anxious to take snapshots of things that I bought while I was here once I get home. I am so excited to be in my house, see my kitty cat, and spend tons and tons of time with my best friend in the world. I will be so sad to leave such wonderful members of my family behind, but it will be reassuring to be reunited with the ones that I left behind for nine days. It is always so nice to get out of your own country for awhile. While I was gone, I realized how much bad mouthing I do about the U.S. of A. I really don't feel bad about it and I believe that it will take some sort of miracle for me to regain my patriotism.

I am anxious to be seated for 11 hours tomorrow on the journey home. The plane ride here was near abysmal, especially when I realized that the train cars here for a one hour journey allocate more room for your legs than a plane configured for international travel. How the hell is that even possible? Hopefully the ride home will be quicker in mindset (it usually is). I still think the biggest torture lays in the screens that have your little airplane moving at a snails pace across the screen and the miles you have left dwindling down slower than molasses. I just know that once the plane lands, I will have a smile from ear to ear, but perhaps a tear in my eye for the family that I won't see for some time to come.

I spent the last day in Machida shopping with my sister-in-law.
It was SO nice to ditch the boys so we could shop without hearing the "Okay we're ready." after three minutes of standing outside the stores. The malls here are amazing and it is floor after floor of great style and unique people and clothing. I wish I could come to Japan just to shop. It makes Forever 21 and H&M seem like a complete snooze.

On a completely different note; while I was here I indulged in buying a box of sour patch kids and I saw on the back that they have come out with a sour patch kids EXTREME?!

Trust me, I'm sure they are not sour at all, but I will remain optimistic until I try one.
It's hard to sour-ly satisfy the girl who has been eating lemons since three years of age.

I anticipate the wheels landing on American territory (as shocking as that may be), because I feel like I have a lot waiting for me back home! Hopefully I will be able to put some pictures up here soon! I am thankful that I got to spend some time here and see what exists on the other side of the time zone.

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lady sélénite said...

What a beautiful trip ! I want to see more and more pictures of it because I'm a huge fan of Tokyo too (but never been there!)