January 17, 2011

'We are Electronic Performers'

I love watching these award shows--so much I went out of my way to make the font red and it doesn't even matter if I've seen the nominated films or not. I didn't see the biggest winner of the night (fucking The Social Network). It actually makes me want to see the movie less and I don't know why. But whatever, I watched them like a giddy 6 year old. Now that I think about it, I didn't see most of the films that were nominated this year with the exception of seeing Black Swan the night before (will have its own mention in another post) and sleeping through Inception. I just enjoy the spectacle; the Oscars are really the best, but I'll take the Golden Globes. I didn't watch the pre-show this time around, but I got the idea.

Angelina Jolie
Atelier Versace

Honestly, when does she not look perfect?
She is almost fail-proof. There are so many people this gown would look wretched on.
She owns this colour. It's the perfect shade for January.

Natalie Portman
Viktor + Rolf

I feel "eh" about this dress.
It's so rare I like anything strapless & the colour is too innocent after such a dramatic role.
But maybe it holds some symbolism...

Anne Hathaway
Armani Prive

I can dig this for sure!
It reminds me of a disco ball all rolled out and made into a dress.
I love the flare on the shoulders & what this colour does for her.

Helena Bonham Carter
Vivienne Westwood

Okay. I don't really like how anything looks on this woman.
However, I appreciate her style and what she tries to do, but she just doesn't pull it off for me.
She has great concepts, I like the idea of two different shoes and of course, Vivienne Westwood, but it's not the dress, I feel like this dress could be great on someone else.
I just feel she looks sloppy all the damn time. She always looks sour too.
If you're going to dress crazy, you have to be fun and bubbly as hell.

January Jones

Ha. How hilarious. You can tell this is a Versace from a mile away.
The colour is perfect for her, but the cut not so much.
The strength of this dress comes from the colour.
I just think she is someone that doesn't need to show so much...
like this dress belongs on Megan Fox.

Emma Stone
Calvin Klein Collection

Wow. I loved this dress. The cut is phenomenal.
It went remarkably well with her hair colour too.
Does anyone else think she looks a tad like Lindsay Lohan?
But a better looking Lindsay Lohan?...

Tilda Swinton
Jil Sander

When I first saw her come out I thought "woah, she looks so high fashion".
Ultra masculine, she is in with the trend, but what I don't like is the two tone.
I think it would look better all one colour or if the shirt was black & the pants were some bright jewel-tone.

Lea Michelle

Oscar de la Renta

I have never seen Lea Michelle in anything, but this gown makes her blogworthy.
I love Oscar de la Renta and I love this gown. I love the color. It's reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow's Ralph Lauren gown back in 1999. I don't know why she looks so irritated in this picture, but this dress is amaaaazing.

Catherine Zeta Jones
Monique Lhuillier

I really like this gown. It reminds me of moss or something.
I love the shade of it and I love that it looks so cool and textured.
I'm shocked I like it because it's a strapless dress, but she gives it power.

Olivia Wilde

How fun. I feel that she could wear anything and it would be okay.
It's a bit prom-y. But that is what makes it fun. She should be chewing bubble gum.

Leighton Meester

Aw, a gossip girl! I really like this dress.
I love how it is long sleeved and has a certain movement to it.
It was a really good choice.

Jayma Mays
Alberta Ferretti

Holy shit. I love this dress. Apparently this chick is in the show Glee.
I had no idea who she was until I came across her in the slideshow.
Very good.

Mandy Moore
Monique Lhuillier

I don't hate it!
perfecttttt shade of blue.

Sandra Bullock
Jenny Packham

I think she looks really good. I like the bangs.
The dress is good and very innocent like with a soft flow.
A good choice for her.

all pictures in this post came from style.com

Ah. Some very good dresses this year.
I should make my way over to E! and try to catch the 590,234,983 replays they air of the Fashion Police.


Jessica said...

You are just like me! I don't always watch the movies, I just like to watch the award shows for the spectacle! Oscars are the best though!

I also pretty much agree on everything you said about everyone's dresses. It's like you stole the words from my mouth! Fashion police hated Sandra Bullock, but I thought she rocked it. I also LOVE Emma Stone's new color, she looks hot! Helena Bonham Carter's outfit could have totally worked on someone else better. BUT, it's Helena Bonham Carter. I also was a little disappointed in Natalie Portman's choice. I haven't seen "The Black Swan" yet, but I am hopefully going this weekend, before it's out of the theater.

Love your post! I can't wait to see what you write about the Sag awards. I am so excited to watch them! BTW, does your boyfriend watch them with you? I have made Chase learn to love to watch the pre-shows and the award shows :)

Tessa G. said...

Ha ha! Thank you so much, Jess! I am amped for the SAGS. Eric doesn't really like watching anything except the grammys and the oscars, but he did watch the GG's with me and I was extremely appreciative. I can't really expect him to be into that kind of shit. He generally tivos them both for me and we build up a buffer and start them around 7:30 so we can skip around some commercials, but I miss the live essence! ha ha!

I still haven't seen the fashion police and at this point I don't even give a damn about what those loud mouth broads have to say.

I really hope Natalie's peers give her the SAG. That movie was like...just holy shit. ha ha.

I don't know if I have your number..I know you texted me a long time ago with a new one, but I had both saved and then didn't know which one was right! Message me :)

I miss you!!