February 17, 2011

Florence & Thom align again!

What a cute little hiatus.
Thank god Valentine's Day is over.
As a cookie decorator, this holiday seems endless.

It's kind of like:
Me: "Hey Valentine's day, here is my soul"
Valentines day: ::runs off with soul::
Me: "Oh, you didn't have to eat the WHOLE thing..."

Now to choose a direction to take this;

I guess I can talk about my overwhelming excitement for two things happening musically;
First off, while listening to XRT on Monday they announced that Florence + The Machine would be back in Chicago and that tickets go on sale this Saturday. I loved her the first time I saw her last April and I was feet away from the stage. The show last year was at the House of Blues, which is a great little venue and good for the first time an artists makes their landing in Chicago. This time she'll be playing at the Aragon Ballroom (one of my favourite venues)

which is significantly bigger...

Don't you worry, there is definitely an ellipsis for a reason. I should probably mention that a vacation is booked for the date she will be here, June 18, but I will purchase a ticket just in case said vacation stays planned for a short time. However, I'm nervous that her new album will drop before she comes here and she will be performing that. I might be wrong* but I think that will be the event. Bigger venue? Aw man. This means-how do you put this without sounding extremely snobby? Well, guess you can't-you get the shitty fans. The 12 year olds that didn't hear her before she was all over every pop station, but she isn't exclusive to the Kiss FM crowd, which is good. It would just be a different kind of show than the last one. Which is fine, but I love a more exclusive crowd. With Florence, it won't matter though. She will be great no matter who her audience is. I love those first shows that artists do in that city, which is why I regret big time missing out on Lissie when she was at Lincoln Hall a few weeks ago. I love being there for support the first time around and making my rounds every time they appear on a Chicago bill.

These are from the last time I saw her.
That setlist right by her feet is now in my top drawer.

I actually pulled those images from a previous post that summed up a bit more about that concert and also included a quick review of the Atoms for Peace concert that I saw the night before I saw Florence. It's odd because the other news I'm extremely excited about is the release of Radiohead's new album, "The King of Limbs". I couldn't *fucking* believe it when Frank E. Lee announced that it was going to drop this Saturday. When the words escaped from his mouth I actually cheered and took a lap around the store and exclaimed to customers the good news! Pre-sale is already available online HERE. I'm sure it's 10 tracks of pure splendor.

I love this cover.

It looks like Saturday is going to be a big day.

You know, I have to make a side note and just say how happy I am for Florence. I am so happy that people recognize her as a musical force now. Every time I see her perform on anything I almost alway cry because I'm either (a) so proud of her (b) because she does so well and it's probably always (c) all of the above. Her Saturday Night Live performance was amazing and so was her Grammy performance. I would love more than anything to see her 30312491324 more times, but settling for once more wouldn't be too bad either.

Performance on SNL: HERE
Performance at the Grammy's: HERE

**I might be wrong = a Radiohead song. Hardy Har Har!

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