February 6, 2011

Prada stole my Starburst wrappers--& THANK GOD!

Faaaantastic. I was excited when I read about THIS. Elise Øverland is combining fashion and ice and using the Ice Theatre of New York to do so. This perfect inception is being choreographed by Johnny Wier, who is apparently a long time client of said designer. I'm anxious to see it played out.

And then there are these...

These awesome, awesome shoes.

I love these shoes. Unfortunately, with my current means, I lack the ability to ever own a pair, but these are so fun; flirty, a little bit of tack, a ton of colour, and they totally remind me of those chains I used to make out of Starburst wrappers...right?!

How perfect. I remember sitting on the sidewalk outside a friends house eating starbursts and making these chains for hours. It definitely provokes my desire for endless bags of sour starbursts, conversations with no limits, and hot pavement under my legs. It's beautiful when shoes make you nostalgic.

For now it is winter and this was my outfit from Friday.

The sweater vest is my moms & the striped sweater under it is Old Navy.
The stickers on my phone ARE from the most recent issue of POP.

This is what happens when winter wallops!

Such a well forecasted storm with such fantastic results. I loved being snowed in.
Ah, here's to Chicago Snowstorms! On that note; WXRT posted the remake of Aliotta Haynes Jeramiah's LSD (Lake Shore Drive), but it's the snowed in version (see below!) What's funny is that I always used to hear this song on the radio and I loved it, and then I found out my mom used to date the lead singer, Mitch. Unfortunately, no one I know has ever heard of this song, but I think that's an outrage! Especially if you're from Chicago! So go ahead, grab some Starbursts, and groove out!