March 29, 2011

the 23 year old with 6 phones.

Ah. Here I am, fresh faced after just over one week of being twenty three years of age.
Well, well, well. I have seemed to acquire one thing-a thirst. A thirst that I cannot seem to quench, which is really the best kind when you're not actually talking about being parched. I just mean I cannot seem to get enough of absorbing new ideas, learning how things work, and setting my standards a little higher. I don't know what that means, really. I'm not one to constantly measure my standards to see if they need adjusting. I think I just have that "Blair Waldorf" surge running through me at this moment (yeah, yeah, Gossip Girl reference) Describing yourself as Blair Waldorf is always a risk and most likely a huge stretch. She has this overwhelming desire to obtain a position of power; one that is all her own. She's also kind of bat shit crazy, but sometimes this is to her advantage when she tackles 595481 things at once. She just has her standards set-HIGH. I just feel like I'm working towards something, I can only hope that the future holds bigger and better things. 23 is so young-I'd like to think that there is still so much time to accomplish what I want, I just feel..behind. I'm not sure if it's necessarily "power" that I'm after, but I'd rather be influential. I'd like to be in a position that puts me in a comfortable place financially and emotionally. I'm adaptable as all hell, I just want to find something that provokes more drive.

I attempted to write this post on Tuesday and it is now Friday. I won't let this fact get me down. Today is April Fools Day and on this day last year you could find me near the stage at the Aragon watching Spoon. If it were four years ago you could find me calling my manager to put in my two weeks, in which she started crying. ha ha what a great day of trickery. This morning Google put out a hilarious joke and I'm trying to figure out what XRT announced this morning as their prank. One of my favourite websites, did their own fake merchandise that was actually extremely appealing. I'm bummed I couldn't think of something a tad more epic...or well, anything at all for April Fools Day! I'm sure I will think of something brilliant tomorrow. Of course.

In other news, my new ThunderBolt should be here sometime next week. After recently switching to Verizon, I initially chose the Droid X. Then four days later the ThunderBolt came out. The new 4G LTE amazingly fast blah blah blah phone that was so close to my old beloved evo. The phones I've had in the past year's time have been quite crazy. I'm a new technology snob/we switch providers all the time. I like it when my phone is efficient and fast just for the mere fact that I use it for many things. Meet the lineup

iPhone 3GS
I liked this phone a great deal and I remember upon receiving it I was out of my mind excited.
Eric got it for me after one week of dating (August 2009) because he always saw me eyeing his. This phone was super efficient and crisp. The OS got boring. I really like the iPhone, but I love android.

the Nexus One

I liked this phone. This was my first introduction to android. Eric let me use it to see if I would like it because we were planning on switching to the Evo. This phone was "cute". Much smaller than a lot of the other phones around. The buttons also made it difficult to use this phone. I was always hitting the wrong things due to bad placement/design. This was back in May of 2010.

The Evo 4G

Aw, then there was perfection. Almost. This is my favourite phone I've owned. Just holding it makes you feel majestic. It felt like a fine piece of technology that you had to have. The search on this phone sucks beyond believe. I've encountered so much frustration as to how it navigates the search. It's hard to explain unless you have the phone. I loved so many things about this phone. But then we switched to Verizon and after 6 months of having a phone I welcome change, so then I got this on June 6th 2010. The day it came out, I think. That was the goal. & no, I didn't wait in line for it.

The Droid X

This is what I chose when we went to Verizon. I like this phone, there was nothing really wrong with it, I just liked the Evo better. The ThunderBolt will pretty much be the Evo, but with faster LTE technology. So while we are ordering the ThunderBolt, I'm using;

BlackBerry Curve 8330

I actually kind of like this phone and how it is wired for business. I will only be using this for about a week or so.


One of the biggest reasons I got this phone is because since I'm still new on my plan I had a chance to get this phone for $125 instead of the outright purchase of $700. I decided to go for it since it was available. I'm anxious to get my HTC back, but I'm not looking forward to the shitty battery life.

I know it's a tad ridiculous to own this many devices in a year's time with three different carriers, but eh, what are you gonna do?

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