April 5, 2011

Thank god! The seduction is back!

The other day, a miraculous little tweet left my fingers and jet-setted its way through the webs. I had shared that my first subscribed issue of POP magazine came. As I pulled the twice a year mag from the mailbox in all my glory, I stared longingly at the cover, and then wished I had gotten the Elton John cover shot.

I kind of view magazines as an experience. I like to flip through the whole thing in one setting. I hate skipping ahead to articles, although skipping ahead to spreads is always so alluring, but I rarely let it happen. I made a rare exception when I received the Vogue with Natalie Portman on the cover and I had to see what she was saying about her experiences with Black Swan. Oh and I also skipped ahead to see the Lady Gaga spread (although I still haven't read that article yet...) in the March power issue. Whoops!

So when I got this magazine, I set it aside and whispered sweet nothings to the paper publication about how I would soon flip through the pages to reveal all of its glory. So it eventually happened and about 10 pages in (precisely) you find yourself staring at Tom Ford's brilliance. I'm so glad these ads are back. If you're not familiar, Tom Ford immerses his ads in sexuality and power. His newest ones happens to be one of my favorites, where you can see my latest inspiration;

Tom Ford Eyewear Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign Abbey Lee Kershaw

I love this ad. It oozes with sexuality and seduction. It also makes me super stoked that I snagged a pair of huge thick rimmed glasses in Japan in November and I just knew I was doing the right thing. I can't even believe that women allow themselves to bitch about these ads. Tom Ford is a genius. He also typically portrays women with curves and the woman always appears confident as hell. The problem here is...? Sure these ads are racy, but that's good. We need that in fashion. Something to push the envelope and make people remember that women with bodies are doing way better than those without. I'd rather have full figured women, portrayed sexually but still exuding extreme confidence than an ad that inspires nothing.

Is anyone familiar with the show "Arrested Development"? Well, if you're not, you're crazy, and if you are well let's delve in; So you know how Lindsay is always whining about how she's being objectified? But then the moment that she's not she makes sure she goes out of her way to become objectified? Well I feel a lot of women are like that. I feel that women go out of their way to complain about ads like these;

don't worry, ladies. Men get to take it all off too!

okay, okay. I'll stop.

I'll leave you with this last one;

So what's the problem here? It's all properly being modeled. No falsies here, it's just...if these ads don't make you excited to be a woman...then...I don't know--THAT'S CRAZY! heh. You can just feel the power of seduction here and I can dig it. If these women are being objectified, SO WHAT. That's what they're getting paid for. These ads are hot and I'm so glad they are back. I remember reading about Tom Ford's comeback, I can't remember if it was in Vogue or not, but some woman commented about how she was disappointed and said something along the lines of "Tom Ford is back? What's the problem, he didn't make enough money off of women the first time around?" WHAT!? He is a fashion designer for both parties. So yeah, somewhere along the line he's going to be making money off of women, his ads just provoke people to do it. Clearly, it worked. Women feel sexy in Tom Fords clothing mostly likely because the women in his ads are sexy. It makes sense. I feel that owning a piece by Tom Ford would be very much like owning a pair of jet black Louboutin's. Right?

So again, thank you, Tom.

I feel like he is saying..."Why thank you."
You can pick up that vibe here, can't you?

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Laura J. said...

What a fun read! I think you you really hit the nail on the head with the whole "power of seduction" angle. I'm with you, those ads are sexy as hell, but II don't feel they are speaking to the men, they are speaking to the women, being like look, "we have this gift, it can do amazing things, don't smother it, embrace it!"

I don't know much about Tom Ford because I'm not as big of a fashion guru as you are, but I do enjoy his photos and don't blame you for your excitement at all :)