July 4, 2011

Nineties adoration, Three things, & Two books.


The current time happens to be 12:59 P.M. on the Fourth of July.
My counterpart is still asleep.
I can actually hear the second hand tick on the kitchen clock. Loudly.
I have three thoughts on my mind.

1) When I listen to the song 'Bizness' by the Tune-Yards, I have a huge desire to paint my face, grab a group of people, and rent out an auditorium for a day and rock out to this song and other random songs by various artists. That's the dream. To start up a band that just covers random songs. Just for total fun. That would be..just so cool. Anyone in?

2) If I could teach step aerobics/zumba or some high energy class based around jumping around or moving like an idiot, I WOULD. Especially if I could use the music of "Girl Talk" to accent those calorie-burning moves! This video I found is amazing. It was actually made by a professor who paired up with his students at Concordia University in Montreal. Definitely check it out, just to appreciate the work that went into it. 

3) Professional Cheerleading-why are you not my career? Again, this is most likely the Girl Talk taking over my body and making me have the desire to unleash tumbling passes, basket tosses, and tick-tocks. I'm not talking about the broads you see cheering on the NFL sidelines. I mean, like; Cheer Athletics (see below). I would love to compete with this team. It's funny. I was so anti-cheerleader as a small girl and in late middle school I found myself complacent on an all-star team. The only aspects I find enjoyable are the tumbling and the stunting and of course the moronic dancing. I can't help but think that I'm drawn to things where you can move your body in a way that's bound to release a good amount of endorphins. You can leave the facials and the cheering pep at the door (you could never find me sporting either one qualities during practice). I like the aspects that make it a sport. And of course anything competitive. Damn, youth.

Okay. So that's pretty shameful being that there are a million more important things that should be crossing my mind, but I'm pretty content where I'm at. It has been a long time since I've kept up. I guess that's the whole me not wanting to take it all out on my writing. Too much angst in a blog isn't always ideal. However, there is a glimmer of delight in my upcoming week. So I missed that Florence + The Machine show that graced the city of Chicago on June 18th. However, a few days after I was almost done wallowing in discontent, I heard that she would be in Milwaukee (found in the neighboring state) along with The Black Keys-another favourite and Cage The Eleplant, who I can dig Why thank you, XRT! I informed my counterpart of this immediately. Of course, there's the lovely procrastination, followed by the adored final purchase. I am relieved that I will catch another Florence Performance (heh!) but will always long for that first tiny show at House of Blues. I am excited to stay a night or two in Milwaukee as well. Hopefully we can catch a meal at a great restaurant called Roots. My mouth is already watering thinking about the options...uh oh. I better not get ahead of myself!

Due to the environment in which I've been working lately, I have a lot of time to be creative. It's summer, meaning business is a little slower due to the lack of eventful holidays where cookies seem to say it all. Needless to say, this is what I've been keeping busy with;

This was my first feat.
This also has to be one of my favourite things that I've decorated.
I posted this around twitter and facebook and my friend replied with

"I fucking love it! Make the whole cast!"

and so I did...

Which led me to have this finished product days later.

The Quote: Episode 'Jake of Hearts'
Jane: Why Daria, are you becoming an optimist?
Daria: I don't know. Hold up your glass...nope, still 1/2 empty.

I've delved into watching it from the start and I am midway through season four. I have two versions of the show; the show that came straight from MTV and the show that comes from the DVD's. The music from the actual show version is good and real, it's funny to hear the dubs/covers replacing the good stuff. Needless to say, I wish I would have been a few years older while living in the nineties, but I'm sure it was time well spent as I collected and played with pogs, created beadie-critters, had CD's by bands like Savage Garden (ugh), and longed for more time with my Easy Bake oven. I guess I can't complain too much.


It's more that desire to live it over again, which I suppose rustles inside of us more than we'd hope for. I wish my priorities were different in my teens. Of course, this would be detrimental to who I am now, although, I'd still favour to go back in time and re-do a few things. I'm currently reading "Eating The Dinosaur" by Chuck Klosterman and he talks a bit about time travel and how it's a question of morality and says just that-how it's a detriment. How you wouldn't be able to determine who was you if you met yourself in a different time frame, you'd ultimately be canceling yourself out. Fascinating book, I highly recommend it. It's also rather amusing to read along with 'Whiter Shades of Pale' by Christian Lander. It's a follow up to 'Stuff White People Like' and it's still just as amusing. It's funny to see both books pick out behaviors and mindsets of a large population of people but the former delves a bit deeper into making connections and how we are expected to feel upon encountering such subjects.


**What kind of person would I be if I didn't post pictures of fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Speaking of fireworks, I'm craving cheesecake...

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