October 19, 2011

I don't have a title.

Today was just the right kind of day to listen to Zaz. Her first self-titled album came out in 2010, but I recently started listening to more of her. It is the perfect listening on a rainy day, that and Radiohead, but the problem there is that you may just end up only in the mood to contemplate what shape your soul is.
If you know what I mean...


Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Sweater weather is here and I'm pretty excited about it seeing that I have a slew of funk-ass sweaters for this time of year. This sweater reminded me of something that came off the Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 line.The problem is that I tend to get excited about a burst of cold air, until I'm smack dab in the middle of January complaining up and down about the awful weather that belongs to this city. This shot was just before work. Unfortunately I have a horrid dress code I have to follow; black/khaki pants, white/black shirt under the worst polo you have ever seen. I know I make it seem pretty exciting, but don't be fooled, once I got to work, it was all-black time. 


sweater: Goodwill socks: stolen from my mom's sock drawer long ago

I love these leggings and tend to incorporate them into a lot of my outfits like the two other pairs I scored at Uni Qlo while in Japan. I picked this out in two seconds and guess I was feeling a blue mood. I am so enamored with this sweater and cannot believe I scored it for so cheap. It's really thick and soft and "ha ha ha!" I just looked and it's a Casual Corner sweater. That's funny for a slew of reasons, but none of them need explaining. For whatever reason I like this shot. I know, it's pretty lame.

This is one of the last things I decorated last night. We've been getting out at midnight lately, so I've been getting home ultra late;

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