October 15, 2011

"I feel Heaven, stay for the sound"

[Casual Friday Recap]

scored these at the thrift my mom showed me, Savers $2.99
they had a whole gaggle of them, pumpkins, cats, vampires, bats...
but these best matched the shirt I had just ordered.

I want to say I got this jumper at Target....of course.

woot shirt! $10
this is definitely a spot to check out everyday.
Free shipping on everything & they normally come out with some awesome t-shirts.

I got these suckers at Target (I had no idea how much shit I owned from Target or how much I really wore it, good god) after some additional walking around to convince myself they needed to be mine. I got these last year and I knew I couldn't pass them up. I want to say they were $8.99 or some small price that doesn't really require "convincing", but oh well. They are mine now with no regrets.

As stated a million times over, Casual Friday is my day. Especially when those Friday's fall in October.
I have a decent amount of Halloween funk at this point and I love putting it to use. I wasn't too enthused about fake holidays (Sweetest Day + Boss's Day) keeping us at the work establishment past midnight, but my paycheck will be rollin' fat. There were some good laughs for sure and that always makes it worth it.


today, I am admitting, the bright skies were nice.
This is probably because it was definitely sweater weather.

See, here's the thing. I am all about nice weather and an Indian Summer, but once it drops below 55º, let's keep it that way. Once it is sweater season is in, I want to keep that momentum going because it seems in those few short days where coats and sweaters aren't necessary, the ability to layer well leaves my brain.

I got this sweater at Goodwill last year around this time and I love it. It's ugly in just the right ways.
I'm really drawn to the colours in it.

I call these pants my "Rock Star" pants because they are basic, thick in material, and just the perfect black pants to wear anywhere. Unfortunately, they are a tad big. They were originally cropped, but I undid the seams so they were longer. Gap $50

...Because the weather was so dashing, I did the usual routine and headed out for a walk.
I walk past the park that's almost always wide open and if the swings are free, I always snatch the opportunity. I love swinging, always have. I was that asshole 5'th grader that had a swing everyday even though "it was so unfair" (this is why you have to run to the park during recess, kids). 

So today that opportunity was present and I took it for a good half hour. My iPod is a great accompaniment on the swings, but sometimes I miss those middle school conversations and those times where the swings served as a destination, that was "going out" on a Saturday night when I was 13. Keep in mind, I was kind of a huge loser. So today some great tunes came across on shuffle in my "Recently Played" list that's a good 400 songs wide; ah, I love all of these songs. All for very good, but different reasons, but they were just what I needed to hear today. What a great to sport a funky sweater and soak up some sun...through that thick...sweater...

Hopefully you dig 'em and head for the swings soon while you still can!


Anonymous said...

Love this. Beautiful pictures. I love the swing-mix!!

Katelin said...

love all the ghostly things, so fun.

Tessa G. said...

thanks :)