October 13, 2011

black birds on a grey sky.

[gloom is here - Thursday]

As a thick layer of gloom hovers over the city of Chicago today, I couldn't seem to find myself in a better mode of complacency. It is exactly what I needed after sunshine fest took over the past week, although getting out and soaking up the last 'without a coat' temperatures of the year were quite satisfying. Waking up to grey skies is automatically waking up to less obligation, or at least it feels that way. Sometimes it makes me down right hyper and I clean the house as if Mr. Clean were coming by for personal inspection, but actually, I would only let him in if he had his all natural counterpart, Mrs. Meyers with him. Let's face it, this is one cute cleaning couple;

A lot of people cannot comprehend why I sometimes possess the serious desire to move to London and forget the sun ever existed. I think grey skies give me some sort of reassurance, like I'm not the only one going through a little instability. I just like variation. Sunny skies all the time would kill me. I'm just not cut out for a bright sky every day, especially if the last thing I'm feeling is sunny and bright, and those days where those feelings cannot even be found the mood chart, that sun better make its way behind some clouds. However, the rain that made itself permanent for a week's time before the week of sun had set in also had a way of messing with my head. Heavy opposites you're playing Chicago. I wish I could ask for a little more consistency in high pressure & low pressure systems. Here's the thing, Thunderstorms tend to balance out my brain perfectly, especially gnarly ones that require tons of warnings to be sent out. It gives me something to track and follow, quite the weather enthusiast. I will admit, sometimes there is nothing like a bright blue sky with the perfect temperature to accompany it, but I could not have it every day.

My counterpart and I have been tampering with the idea of moving to Portland, OR at some point in our lives together. Portland is an absolutely an amazing place for more reasons than one. Whenever I tell people about this the first words out of their mouth generally has to do with things like "It's so rainy" and "Such a high suicide rate" and while this is correct, somehow gloom didn't hit the same in Portland. When we were there last September, it rained two days and was perfectly sunny for two and they have the dreary that does not keep you inside. It more so gives off that "lets get in our galoshes and gallop around town" vibe, which we did, minus galoshes. Plus, this gives you a reason to by one awesome umbrella. CHECK THIS OUT.

seriously: sing a little tune.

My name appears on the work schedule today, and I'm thankful that it did not during the last few sunny days of our Indian Summer. I can go into my windowless work environment and be rest assured that the gloom will still be lingering over us.

Here's some 'Bloom' for Gloom;

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