October 11, 2011

Hair of a unicorn.


I've had PJ Harvey in my head for a week's time.
Her album Let England Shake has been one of my go-to albums since it came out.
She won the Mercury Prize for this album.

I absolutely love cherry pop-tarts (and the placement of their sprinkles-SO MANY).
I may even like them more than it's brown sugar/cinnamon companion...
between my Halloween themed cereal special that I've been scarfing down and my intake of pop-tarts,
I'm starting to question when I started pursuing the same breakfast options as a six year old.

One of the best factors of friends ridding of their clothes is getting to go through them to see if you want anything.
I try to keep in mind the friends that like certain styles & when it comes time to give-away, I keep those people in mind.
When I helped my friend Brooke move some of her stuff months ago, she had me look through some of her clothes to see if I was interested in anything. I always find a few gems in my friends clothing disposals.
She said that I "have to take this dress" because she didn't know who else it would fit & it was an older vintage-y dress.
I gladly took it off her hands, and she informed me that she would give me the belt when she found it.
Next visit to her new apartment and the outfit was completed when she handed it to me. This was the first time wearing the dress since I got it all those months ago. It's not the most flattering, but I enjoy it none the less. The pictures really don't do it much justice.

& then there was this;

unicorn hair.
this needed to be noted right away.
This picture is from the October issue of Nylon and as soon as I saw it I kind of freaked out.
it's probably perfection.

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