October 9, 2011

Saturday's Occurences

[About Saturday]

So yesterday it was super nice out for it being eight days into October in Chicago.
My counterpart had a day date planned with car repair and I knew if I wanted a fun day, it would be totally up to me. I texted a few people, thought about taking a train into the city to roam around by myself, or bounced around the idea of driving back out to Naperville to spend it with my parents. I had a super good feeling about this one. Lunch downtown, followed by meandering through the blocks and heading into the Riverwalk was the game plan. We ate lunch outside at Hugo's Frogbar, and then proceeded to walk around. My parents have never been in an Apple store. I know, I KNOW.  I feel like a big reason for this is because my parents both hate crowds in addition to high priced gadgets that they feel serve them no purpose. I am totally against the idea because I know how busy it was going to be on a day like that in downtown Naperville. I warned them of this, but we continued to walk to it anyway. There was a tiny shrine outside for Mr. Jobs and my mom refused to let me place my iPod headphones along the bouquets of flowers. I don't think she quite realizes that I have countless pairs around the house. Her reason? "I need new headphones, if you're just going to put them on the ground, I'm going to just pick them up & use them". Needless to say, they are still in my purse. At this point we are now outside the doors and my parents are just kind of anxiously looking in and my mom is like, "Do you really want to do this?" and my dad said "No." So my parents have still never been into an Apple store. I applaud them for this. It's just a bloody awful experience, grimy fingers swiping countless iPads, kids taping away on the Macs, and 182,219 employees just dying to ring your purchase right in the middle of the store, or on the side of the store or wherever the hell you want to purchase your item because they can. It is kind of like my standing with Denny's. I've never been in one, and I have no desire to ever go in one.

So we continued on and I had wanted tea and I ditched the Starbucks idea after seeing that 20 people were parked in line at one of the three downtown locations. I decided to take it on over to Adagio Tea. I had never been here and was kind of expecting a mix between a Starbucks & an Argo Tea. However, it was more like Teavana. I was so excited and my parents were tea enthused as well;


You were able to smell everything on your own, which I loved. I hate having to ask employees to smell the tea, especially at Teavana because you are smelling out of the bin that people purchase the tea from. I could have gone around the room smelling and comparing the teas all day. I absolutely loved it. I smelled the Cocomint Green and it pretty much sealed the deal, really solid combination. Ideal for morning or after dinner, because you get the kick from the tea, and the sweetness from the chocolate & mint for after you chow down.

But I am dying to taste this sweet potato pie. I'm hoping they have these teas year round, and not just seasonally.
I cannot wait to go back there, hopefully it will be sooner than later.

We walked across the street to a little shop called Serendipity. It's a super mini thrift that gives back to charity.
Last time I was here they had some lime green Doc's in the window for $25!! Unfortunately they were a size too big and my mom has some serious disdain for certain bright colored accessories. This time they had a fabulous plaid patterned Pendleton** coat, wedding dresses, and this gem;

for $6!
WHERE ARE YOU, LADIES?! Let's be friends.

Red Hat Society

along the riverwalk.

If you're unfamiliar, the Riverwalk in Naperville is sort of a big deal to people who live around the area, for it is rather awesome; click here for more

[the 'fit]


Boots: thrifted Goodwill $4 Tights: Forever21

I can't say I'm a fan of the Marilyn Monroe statue downtown Chicago...

But this Dick Tracy one is all the rage in my book.
There is a great little story about it [here]

I guess we can top it off with this excitement;

 Tessa Groll 
Hell yes! Terri played some new  and I screamed when it came on. so good! 

All in all, it was a really good day. I really wanted to spend the day outside doing something fun. I was glad that day included the rents as well as one of my close girlfriends and her companion. Everyone has the "get outside" mentality this weekend. I'm mustering up the anticipation to take a stroll around the neighborhood. Keep it real.

[show line-up tonight]
Sunday Night Football. The Good Wife. Breaking Bad. Dexter

**I have the BEST luck when it comes to scoring Pendleton goods in Thrift stores. I was in the Portland Goodwill about a year ago and there was this phenomenal floor length red coat. I tried it on and about three other people that were in the store flocked over and insisted that I needed to buy it. It was $50 and I knew this coat would last me forever. I decided to take the advice of the store-goers and I bought it. So yesterday I was in front of this plaid coat and my mom and I had struck up conversation with this woman and her friend visiting from New York. She also adored the coat and said "Hey, you know try that on, if it fits and your mom doesn't get it for you, I will." Unfortunately, it was pretty big and it did not make its way into my life, but feel fortunate for finding such things.

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