October 7, 2011

Why yes, I do have the time, It's Jelly time.

[About Thursday]

this song is really good. We heard it driving home the other day on XRT of course.
She reminds me of a young Chrissie Hynde/PJ Harvey.

It finally happened. My counterpart and I headed into the city via Metra in the early afternoon and hiked over to the Shedd Aquarium. They've been hyping the hell out of their new Jellies exhibit and I've been dying to see it aka bugging him to take me! They have this cool little theme song they always play on XRT and it always makes me ultra excited to see their pulsating little bodies pushing their way through the water...okay that might be too much commercial quotation, but it's damn accurate. Check out this music and do the Jellies dance (which I made up and TOTALLY FORGOT to do while in the exhibit).

If I were the girl in the ad, I'd be screaming in excitement. It'd be along the lines of:

I LOVE starfish.

Let me say this though, we scoped out the whole place and we saved the jellies for one of the last things we did. I love everything they have there. Unfortunately the penguins were closed for show, but that's okay, as long as my brainless little blobs would be rockin' solid, I knew we'd be fine. While it was a neat little exhibit, it was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a HUGE exhibit, especially because it's going to be there for quite some time (as most of them go), like floor-to-ceiling jellies is what I wanted. I wanted to be encompassed in Jellies. If only I could have been wearing jellies...However, they were still beautiful and laid out rather nicely. I snagged a few pictures of them;

One of these Jellies makes me want egg drop soup-ASAP.
another makes me want to brush my hair.

Oh the urges the jellies give.

If you're in the area, definitely check out the Shedd. A good time will be had.

Rest assured, it not only confirmed that I love these little guys, but that I am also looking to purchase a home large enough to house my beluga whale I hope to have in the future. Hopefully my counterpart is also actively looking into the same situation.

What a great time.

It was so nice to get out in the city on such a nice day. I have been trying my best to take advantage of all this nice weather action. In addition to taking mighty fine advantage of that, I'm quite enthused Argo Tea finally had a chance to make its way through my body, that delicious bastard. So I've never been and I've always assumed it was snooty because of their "city only" locations. I went in and found out that it was rather Portland-esque. People on Macs-everyfreakingwhere, dim lighting, menus that screw with your head until your realize they are purposefully changing to show you more options, dread-locked baristas...on and on.

I got their version of bubble tea, which allowed me to choose a flavour & a type of tea. I chose green tea/coconut/2% milk. It was delectable! It was really neat because it was not typical bubble tea with the tapioca, but was the actual taste of coconut;

I want to work here. I want to make little leafs in your milk froth. I want to sell insurmountable amounts of tea. I AM ARGO TEA!
::deep breathing::

okay. it's cool.

But yeah, needless to say, I am glad I finally had it.
Now I'm craving it and the closest location is 20 miles ::sobbing::

So, 10:30 p.m. probably isn't the ideal time that I should have waited until to eat the leftover fried rice from last night, but being that I have a few more years of lucky metabolism ahead of me, I shall relish in the greasy goodness past dinner time.

Hopefully your Friday night plans are a tad better than mine.

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