October 2, 2011

October Daze } Outfits } Roseanne

[Sunday's Ensemble]


Jacket: OLD [fervore??] Brown sweater: old-school Target
Shirt: Target Dress: Old Navy [on sale-awesome score!]
Necklace: homemade

As you know, big Florence fan, her single "Shake It Out" came out today.
I cannot wait to see her tour with her upcoming album Ceremonials.
This is a must-see read from [Interview Magazine]

So I went to Target today to get a few things that I forgot to get for the next two weeks when I went shopping yesterday. Of course, I couldn't resist taking a little stroll around the sales rack [which can seem like a thrift rack] and the sock section where funky tights and boot socks reside.

This dress was like "OH HEY, BUY ME!" I know you can't really see it here, but the pictures are extremely unflattering unless it is being worn. I will show it then. I know, no one is on the edge of their seats. I love the pattern so so much and knew it would work in any season. For $14.00, there would be no bitching or self discussion, this thing was going to be mine. The boot socks are a must each season [$8 a pack] I get one pack, so now I have 6 pairs. I love Plum purple and the mix of purple/colours for the 1st pair. Really stoked to wear them with my Docs and/or every other pair of shoes I own.

This clip is the first part of the episode, it's lengthy, but good!

I had the honour of seeing the Halloween episode of Roseanne, S2 last night because apparently someone over at TV Land is thinkin' just like the ol' TG. I wanted to get all revved up for Halloween on my first day of October and this was perfect last night! I love Roseanne and it's perfect white-trash humour.

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