October 1, 2011

Thrifty adventures // Casual Friday Outfit

The other day I got an opportunity to go hang out with my mom. She's been telling me about this new thrift that they put in 15 minutes away from my parent's house called Savers and she has also been well aware of my un-dying need to thrift. So these are my little treasures from the trip;

one of the first things I came across. I fell in love instantly.
My mom had her doubts, to prove her wrong I put this bad boy on the social networks & let my friends respond.
All 3 of them said yes. Done deal.

AWESOME adornments.
It even has that rockin' grandma/thrift smell.

This was brand new from Gap, tags on, $50 to $5.99. MUAHAHAHA!

I saw this and knew I had to have it. It is marked as a size 12, multiple sizes too big.
I was really bummed out, but when it came to trying it on, it fit me perfectly.
When I read the label on this plaid pleated beauty, it reigns from a boutique in Wilmette/Oak Park, Spauldings.
It was also marked brand new with a tag for $168, mine for $14.99!
It shall go perfect with my babies;

this is a total high school throwback for me when I had a whole collection of odd shit to wear atop my head.
It just seemed right. Plus, I knew they would go perfectly with my just-arrived Woot shirt!

I love this bright little floral dress. It's a tad big, but it works.
My mom tried taking it in, but the machine was acting up.
The funny little thing about this is that it is a SKORT!!!
ha ha ha ha. Where are my jellies??

This reminded me of something from Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 and I knew it had to be mine.


Casual Friday outfit.
Huge. Deal.


These are cool, but were instantly made cooler by turning them inside out.

leggings: UniQlo (Japan) Dress: Target Coat: Forever 21 Scarf: hand-made by me

this scarf has a satisfactory back story to it;
So I made this sucker in high school. I made A LOT of scarves in high school, almost 1 a day.
I crocheted in all of my classes, teachers allowed this because I still participated, did well on tests, & did homework.
[this was also allocated in college]
So that's about 6 hours of crochet time, which totally allowed me to do one chain per class.
I was rolling these out all the time, gave them out to people, etc.
This was obviously an awesome scarf & was COMPLETELY excited upon finding it.
I accumulated a ton of yarn; a huge bin of it over at my parents house.
I was over there the same night we went thrifting while my mom was trying to take in my dress in the basement.
I went through the huge bin because I am working on a scrap blanket...
[where I use all my old yarn from past projects]
I took home two huge bags of yarn that is totally rad and usable.
I threw out one garbage bag of un-worthy threads. The blanket will be HUGE.
It's already getting to be kind of a beast...
So anyway-



earrings: bows (Forever 21), Turquoise ones (?)

Necklace: I made this sometime last week.
Needless to say it's part of every outfit.
However, now that I made this one today, there will be some competition:

I'm in love with this necklace.
It definitely looks better when you see it live!

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