May 7, 2012

Twenty Four, Florence, Cocktails, and all the in-betweens.

So last post, I decided to skip over the twenty four talk and instead dove head first into my love for Lana Del Rey. Here I am, making up for just that. Here's the lowdown cats;

So I turned twenty four on March 22. This was a fabulous day; not only was I turning even numerically, but it was 80º in Chicago...IN MARCH. Not only was it warm as hell, it was SUNNY. I spent the whole day with people I loved and everything had gone exactly how I had imagined in my head, BUT BETTER. The shopping during the day and the fantastic cocktails we polished off at Sepia, strolling through the city with that buzz given to us by Josh Pearson. I knew this was a fabulous sign and something I could bank on. I knew this year was going to be amazing. I really just started this year off with a different mindset. Don't get me wrong, my Golden year, 22, was a year to remember, but there is something different about this. Of course, the lingering obviousness is that I am older and in a whole new place in my life. I have taken a step back from a lot of things, I have realized A LOT, and I am ready to start making shit happen for myself. You know that feeling? When you just start like...owning it? I'm still working on it, but damn. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Those drinks were absolutely scrumptious. I have had the Sepia Mule a handful of times, but was dying to come back and try the French 75 or the Boston Martha. So glad that I was able to guzzle down the former this time.  The potroast fries? YES PLEASE! I have been here a handful of times and have never seen these or ordered these before. That makes me think I was having huge lapses of brain function every other time I've pranced into the place and ordered. We were sat in my favourite room at Grand Lux. It was an amazing night in the city.

Things have just been going really well this year. My attitude towards life is just different. There are things that dragged me down so hard when I was 23, that I've let go of in the beautiful age of 24. Florence made 23 worth getting through, but this just seems to present more opportunity. My living situation is much more stable and that has contributed to a good deal of my feelings of contentment.

A delicious highlight of this age is that I saw Florence + The Machine last weekend for the fourth time. Of course, it was mind-blowing, there are no other words to describe it. Unreal. There is no doubt that it is like a religious experience, I give my mind, my body, and my soul to Florence + The Machine and it's a beautiful thing. I was close, but not close enough. I am just so relieved they got my cookies this time as well. This time, I actually had more time to conjure up ideas because I've been thinking about it ever since I did them last time and what I could do the next time the opportunity arose. Originally I was going to keep it a Chicago thing, but I couldn't even fathom going to this show without sending them cookies. We waited in line for 9+ hours in the cold Milwaukee rain, of course, intervals of time were spent in a car, the McDonalds bathroom, and various shops to accommodate our needs. Knowing that Florence and her machines were buzzing around that venue/area pulled my emotions 5 different ways. It is forever unfortunate knowing that we could have had the chance to meet them if we would have just chosen to be that much more creepy (in a good way, I suppose). A slew of people met them before and after the show. It's actually gut wrenching knowing that I didn't have a chance to tell them how awesome they are in person versus in writing. I'm just thankful they saw my cards/packages and that the show was so beyond. When it comes down to it, nothing will ever be like that December 4th show. That was just tops. No other show I will ever go to will top that night. 99.4% of the things that happen in my life won't be as rad as Dec. 4, but you get the idea. So I will be off to see Florence + The Machine as the name appears on the bill for Lollapalooza.

The amazing Florence + The Machine in Milwaukee.The Rave/Eagles Ballroom 4.29.12
I thrifted my dress a few weeks before the show and knew I had to wear it to one of her shows at some point. I L O V E D her cape. I also got raised up for 'Rabbit Heart' and that was a huge highlight, not for the people behind me, I'm sure. I was a phenomenal show.


these are cookies that I did for the band this time around. I did Isa playing the piano in her pterodactyl costume. It was a joke tweet she sent to Florence when they were going to perform on X Factor, which is where I originally got the idea. The Flag of England is obviously the backdrop. A friend of mine had gone to London and actually taken a picture of his suit, so I had a picture of what he looked like. She's born on Halloween, so I always add a pumpkin in hers. Tom's has his new moth tattoo on his with a DJ Shadow song, one of my favourites and it's an artist he admires. Of course I had to add the mini harp. Florence got two cookies; a 'Breath of Life' Cookie which I believe came out the night before I decorated them and then of course another 'Spectrum' cookie.  Then there are some preliminary sketches I did the night before.

Overall things are solid. Big changes, but  g o o d  changes. But seriously before I do anymore brainstorming, this must be watched/listened to. Marc Alghini, a DJ over at WXRT told me about this band and I am so fucking revved about their music. The video to this song is also super solid. Hopefully you dig it too;

But again, I'm okay with things. That's saying a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot, but then I realize that it's all things I accomplish within my head and not things that are laid out. So I'm problem solving and thinking through, I just don't have a lot to show for it...yet. YET. I'm on the brink of change and it feels extremely sexy. I don't even feel that's an odd word to describe the situation. It IS sexy. Damn. I'm makin' changes and feeling pretty good about it. Pretty, pretty pretty good!


best yumz ever / cookie I decorated.

Hoping for a good week which may or may not be easily achieved based on work. Mother's Day is on Sunday, making this upcoming week absolutely bonkers when we are understaffed in the first place. Oh well, at least it is a good week to rack up some hours. A lot to look forward to in the upcoming months, anxious to see how it all rolls out.

Currently there is a seriously sexy thunderstorm rolling through and I'm so revved that it's been a noisy and bright day in the sky on and off. It was so dashing to wake up to. I hope it continues to roll through the night. xx


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