June 19, 2012

In recent times... (photo journey)

A lot has happened lately. Way too much to "catch up" in a traditional style blog post, but needless to say, things are going well. Very well. Sometimes you learn that you have to let things go, even if you don't want to, and that was something I recently learned. It actually slapped me across the face when the lesson presented itself, but I'd like to think I prevailed. I have captured a handful of things that can patch things up pretty nicely here, pictures are definitely the best way to go. These shots started in the middle of May and go through how I ended my night last night. Enjoy!

This day was pure hell. This was pictured on the Friday before Mother's Day weekend. There was country music blaring, there was horrible energy floating throughout, and I would have rather been on that drill box. Needless to say, I finally quit that soul-sucker of a job. I did it. And it was about time.
and of course I made a bit of a scene and walked out. Chya'know.

This was before I went over to Yara's, one of my really good friends who lives in the city. I drove in to celebrate her birthday. The last time I had worn that shirt was in Harajuku and knew that I had to wear it to a fun occasion. Mission Accomplished.  It was a Tuesday night party and I think that's pretty awesome. It was also the same day that I quit my job, so I got to go out, drink, and mingle with some pretty rad folks on a night where I would have otherwise been slaving over cookies. I'll take it.

These little delicious gems came from The Doughnut Vault. This is a place that my buddy and I had been talking about for a long, long time and the opportunity is hard to snag if you're not a city dweller. Luckily, these were some smart ladies I was with and they knew that DV was the only way to go for an after birthday -party breakfast.

Especially a few hours before...

 Vertical Velocity

you can't really tell from the video, but you are flipped on your stomach on this ride to give you that flying effect. This is the only roller-coaster that really screws with me because I literally feel like I'm going to die
...the whole time.

I haven't been here in years, but I have walked this park top to bottom in my past years so I'm real familiar with the environment and the rides. I'm a HUGE fan of coasters, especially Raging Bull and Vertical Velocity, but all of them all require front row. Not only was it a gorgeous day outside, but it was the first week day that it as open and the lines were extremely short. A new coaster also opened that day as well, X Flight, and the steel monster waited so kindly until after we got off to break down. I went with a group of three which is either awesome or whack.; this group was golden. The day was an amazing way to kick off my work freedom.

Heard some ice creep tunes comin' around the block.
Obviously I had to go for it! First time in years and my girl Kaitlin snagged this photo!

Yeah, you can just get right in the fountains in Downtown Naperville.
Well, we did.

our group + awkward girl in front of the buffalo with tennis balls for eyes.
This was in the front yard at the party.

This night turned out to be pretty rad.
It was nice to go sit around a bonfire, drink a few beers, and chat with some new people as well as your good friends.

Zed the Zebra, and my coffee/cigarette love affair.
Caribou of course.

been trying to get out and walk around as much as I can in the preserves, prairies, and neighborhood sidewalks. This was in the forest the other week.

Went to a Memorial Day party that turned out to be pretty damn tops!

Gettin' funky with some finger tentacles in a shoppe Downtown Naperville.
Paper Source has a whole bunch of super cute things for wrapping/cards/accessories & it's always worth a bop-in.

Walking through a prairie I frequent up the street from my house.

me on the path

Oh, this day. How marvelous!
Walking along the beach/lake shore in Chicago before a fine, fine dinner at Spiaggia.

This was the only picture I was able to snag whilst in there because, well, let's be honest, I don't even remember taking this picture and it's definitely the kind of place that you don't just pull out your phone-to do anything. This was the drink paired with our dessert. Dan and I chose to do the tasting menu (DEGUSTAZIONE DEL FINALE) because we wanted everything paired with the right wine and liked the food on the menu itself. It was such a great experience, and although I've been here before, I'm glad we took the opportunity to break it down dish by dish, especially because we were SO excited for everything. What an amazing weekend.

swing swagger.

I've been going to way too many parks and enjoying the same past times as a six year old.

Meredith snapped this photo at lunch.

The same fountain I was dipping into a few pictures above.
Unfortunately, Downtown Naperville becomes a repeat location, making it a challenge to go down there and make it still seem exciting.

Local candy shoppe.

some first cold treats of the season featured with tights, because, well, of course.
Slurpees and Red Mango!

A lil' skeleton face I cut into the back of one of my cover ups.

when it hits summertime, you can never get me away from the swings.

One of my favourite pairs of tights.
I rock tights hard with a pair of shorts.

Hangin' with one of my girls in a rockin' preserve that I had never been to before.
Candice snagged this shot!

went to a Sox game and it was rather awesome considering how well they played.

colouring with my mom when we were out to eat and waiting for our food.
She wanted the activity booklet. I settled for the silverware paper roll...

After trekkin' around downtown Naperville for some dinner and great company!

Who is your favorite person?
I wrote it four times.

spectrum nails with my rad dress skirt.

me and one of my best friends, Brooke at a wedding we attended a couple weeks ago.

some photobooth action with Steve! This was a cool feature they had at the wedding, allowing everyone to take a little something fun home.

I ended up swiping these from the wedding because the DJ had a random 'bag of crap' of stuff to to hand out to us while we got down on the dance floor. Like I could really give these puppies back?

On the way to my first time seeing Radiohead.
I decided to sport my silly bandz necklace, because..um, obviously!
It was at the Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park.
I was extremely skeptical because the sound there is not ideal and we were in the lawn.
However, my mind walked away from this show completely fucked and they played my dream set.
I literally felt so lucky to have been part of the group I was in;
Brookie, Eric, Dan, Steve, Sarah, and Mike & luckily I ran into one of my girls when I was there.
AMAZING SHOW; check the setlist.

This was our view, but my view wasn't what I was concerned with. It was the amazing sound blasting through the speakers and hitting my body. This show allocated me to dance freely to the tunes as well as be found on the ground sobbing my face off. It was a fantastic contrast and I just was so enamored.

I made my way back down to the city and enjoyed some free time walking around before my morning train went out. It was so nice to be boppin' about in the city on a beautiful day when everyone else is at work.
Obviously I parked it in Millennium Park in front of The Bean.

Adam snagged this shot after we did a little stop and stroll in the forest.

Dan and I went to Graham Elliot Bistro this past Sunday for Brunch. I was so stoked to not only see that they had Chicken and Waffles, but to have the menu laid out on a vinyl. Cute idea. I loved my meal, my company, and of course, the mimosas!

Dan and I chillin' proper in the city after a long day of walking around.

Ah, how my afternoon was spent yesterday.
I'm going to be working at a new bakery that's opening up in town.
I wanted to make each flavor card a little different, but this is the main menu.
It was time consuming, but I am happy with the final result. 

Ah. How the night concluded. Draggin' a fag to the beat of a rockin' cup of chamomile.
The ring is one that Dan got me at the Randolph Street Fair. And I'm in love with it.

One of my best friends, Erin, came over last night after 10pm for a catch up/smoke session.
We had a really nice conversation late into the summer night, I am thankful for these times and the more I will have this summer with these rad, rad folks I've got in my life right now.

Ah. Through all of this, I have been unemployed, which has been terrifying for me. I've had a job since I was 15, and being 24 and not working for just over a month is something that has been quite stressful and rather amazing. I got to do a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to do if I were still employed at that hell hole. I am so glad that I decided to walk out when I did, even if I have been major strapped for cash lately, and enjoy the kick-off to summer. There was more I could have done, sure, but fund$ were a constant issue. I feel VERY grateful for the people in my life who understand my situation and took me out any way. Alas, I start my new job this week as a baker/decorator. Here's to the new adventure and here's to your summer journey!



Brookie Wooks said...

I love the ever living fuckballs out of u. So happy to see u happy and share in an awesome simmer with u. Unforgettable fo sho

Brookie Wooks said...

Simmer, summer, tomato, tomahtoes.

Tessa G. said...

You are the best, Brookie. Thank you. Hopefully we can chill soon.

You know, Potato, Potwato!

Anonymous said...

This really is a pretty epic post. I'm jealous of your summer!