July 16, 2012

snapping lifestyle.

Oh, blogging! There couldn't be more time for you and less motivation! Back to the photo grind. Here's the visual happ with a little extra rambling to really sum it up for you. Whenever I sit down to do a post, I am so thankful for all the times I stop at all the wrong times to take a picture. I feel I am able to capture my life pretty well and if it weren't for all the pictures I stop to snap, then I feel that some of it would definitely slip through the cracks. This has been my life since the last post.

I just became employed at a cupcake shoppe a few weeks ago called Miss Joan's Cupcakes. I had the job lined up for awhile and it opened about a month ago. The hours have me switching up my whole go-to-bed-at-5-am routine, which I'm pretty thankful for. I'm up at 5am to be into work at 6. Luckily, it's close to home and I love what I do. I am her baking partner and it's a really cool environment to work in. I'm definitely glad that I landed this gig. What I really think is great is that we make all of our cupcakes from scratch. Everything is fresh. It's so nice to know the quality is there behind a product I'm making.We get to make a whole bunch of really nifty cupcakes. They will be featured all throughout this post.

such as my favourite turnout- RAINBOW.

always walkin' around this preserve, and jumping I suppose now, too.

obviously. This thing knows how to ROCK.

Taken on a cruise with one of my bests.

Each morning on my way to work, I take sunrise shots.

It always reminds me of this song each day: LOVE

SICK shelf clouds rolled through one day and when they
hit the city, EVERYONE was posting pictures of them.
Very cool day, glad I dipped out of work to take it!

Oh, you KNOW there's been a whole lotta this going on, right?!
Okay, good!

Ah, the perks of going to the city often; you're bound to end
up with a camera loaded with tons of pictures trying to best
capture the architecture and the feel for this place.
My mom gave me this wrap/scarf and I really loved the pattern on it,
so I got crafty with a knot and turned this bad boy into a shirt.
Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

The heat has hit us like mad. There were numerous days
where the weather was beyond 100º. There's a word for it; HORRID.
However, it gave me a chance to bust out some fabulous, low coverage tops
that I haven't been able to sport in years.  I love this one, I scooped it up at
Summer Fest a few years back when I was there to see Bob Weir + Rusted Root.
That explains the top, I suppose.
we got a new puppy: Charlie Brown.

Zed the Zebra just going on another one of his adventures + new kicks
I purchased in honor of my first paycheck after not having a job in over a month.

green things are groovy!
Monday Margaritas and a snazzy little bug that made its way into my bathroom.
He lived after his photoshoot, worry not.

Fourth of July was a hoot this year.
Did things a little out of the ordinary,
but it was definitely awesome & full
of awesome people.

I'm sorry, but YES, YES, & YES. I love this dress.
I went out with a girlfriend who I hadn't seen in awhile
& mentioned this rad little thrift in the corner spot of the
stripmall. We went in and I snagged this for $4!!!!!!!!!!!!
The actual retail price is somewhere near $60-70. DEAL.

movie extravaganza. Or something like that. I got an idea to do these cupcakes for the
shoppe for the opening of Spider-Man. I also saw the Katy Perry Movie. NOTE:
I was not a fan of KP before I saw this little flick. Now I kind of think she's fab.
It was good if you wanted a documentary/concert/spectacle/3D film. & you do.

::insert huge smile here::
beachy keen, chyeah!
hanging out at the beach on a fantastic lil Sunday.

OH, we're kind of awesome.

Obeying the laws of all Chiquita banana stickers.

n64 dominated the parts of my childhood that skating did not consume.
I am beyond bummed that these are the only games I could recover.

One of my best friends and I, Erin, walking the path at sunset.
This has to be one of the best ways to spend your summer nights.

I love this shot. Taken just seconds after the above shot.


Ha! I feel that these picture sets are a funny contrast between the city and suburbs.
The above is from the Pick Me Up Cafe + a pack of one of my favourite varieties of cigarettes,
Nat Shermans. Somehow I am always able to catch free slurpee day. Always a blessing.
I also was able to catch that suburban sunset for ya!

oh, this was just divine. I just LOVE a good mid-day downpour.
However, once it starts raining, I DISDAIN the clear-up process.
I want it to stay gloomsters, but this pour was needed and awesome.

This was a good night. I had a really good chat with one of my bests
and tried to figure shit mentally as we puffed cigarettes. I'm thankful
for these long chats we end up in. Definitely thankful. Even if I do look
like a 6 year old in this picture...

ahhh. Moscow Mule.
Ginger beer. Lime. Vodka. Delicious.
city streets in the morning
These dresses are really just ideal for when you have no desire to pick out separate clothing items.

fucking finally.
there are NEVER groceries in my house. I haven't really been able to go scoop them up because of my
lack of fund$ and now that I have some money I was finally able to get things to kick-off good eating
habits. They have gone out the window entirely. I really just never take the time to eat and am trying to
chock my day full of as much as possible, so I don't sleep enough either. It's just a daring combination that just
gets you sick or puts you in some sort of hellish state of mind. Needless to say, I am revved to eat & be healthy
These past few weeks haven't been with this adjustment to my job.

A better picture of Charlie Brown. He's a Havanese and definitely a handful.
See, he's super cute, but he's a puppy & he's in training. It's nice to have a
distraction around the house, NO DOUBT. In no time, he will be trained &
more well behaved and more so a pleasure to have around here.

I hope you've been doing well, ya cool cat!

x x x

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