May 10, 2009



There are currently 3 good songs I'm really enjoying at this very point in time (they change ALL the time) Click to hear the song.

1) Starlight by MUSE (on their harp album especially)

2) L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle remixed by Gorillaz by Gorillaz (this is bizarre-I love it)

3) Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band. I feel this band is odd because it is almost cool to either hate them or love them.  I think they are really talented as a whole and produce good work. I really think this song was written about/for me sometimes, ha ha. I love when a song is so relative. But then again, Everything is relative. I love it. This is a GREAT version.

& one more song I will love until the day I die..I've loved it for years and years:

OPHELIA by NATALIE MERCHANT. The link to the first is the original recorded song found on the album Ophelia recorded in 1998. The second link is to her performing it live, which she does so well. I would kill to see Natalie Merchant-she is so talented and her voice is so unique. If Natalie Merchant and Radiohead toured together, I'd cut off my limbs to see that show. But I mind as well cut of an arm to go see Phish considering the tickets are $150 dollars. They are very talented though. I am not sure why they are that expensive, of course it's their reunion show, but The Grateful Dead was only $90 even. Go figure. But even then so we are going to be camping out in Indiana for three days. It should be a really great time. I am so excited that Matthew is coming. Full of friendly people! --what a great environment.

So Mother's Day went really well. I got up early, cleaned up the house, headed to Trader Joes and got 3 different bouquets of flowers, Callalilly (mom's fave), a normal arrangement, and some yellow tulips. I had gotten her some unique  chocolate bars at Le Chocolat last night and a chocolate mousse truffle. Then I put flowers in different rooms and chocolates everywhere.I also made her favorite dinner which consisted of cilantro/lime rice (same as you'd find at chipotle),  honey/cilantro/jalapeño chicken and spinach sauteed with nutttmeeggg (ha ha Matt). It was good. Everyone was happy. Then for dessert I had prepared chocolate chip cookies with a tad of peppermint extract and lemon zest. They were fab. I took a long bike ride after we had an early dinner at 3:45. Linner? I realized I never think about riding a bike when I'm riding it. Same as driving. I asked my mom to go bike  riding and she said "No, then I'd have to mentally prepare myself." ha ha. I am always aware that I am operating a car/bike, but my mind wanders a lot. I'm sure this happens to everyone. Needless to say I thought of a bike clip... Ah..the old days. I used to love that movie. When I came home, I watched Gossip Girl with my mom. That show is so juicy and sneaky. I love it. I fell in love with the books in high school though. I told everyone to read them. They are so easy to get into and a quick read, plus it was a great way to learn more about designers.

I am going to have to buckle down and start studying for sociology. I have no motivation considering I could fail this test and it wouldn't even matter since he drops our lowest test grade and I've gotten good grades on both the other ones, but whatever, I shall attempt for the A and get even higher points. Managable. 50 questions. 50 points. Easy Cheezy

Last night ended up to be great. We hit up Red Mango (It's that mochi, I'm telling you!--it hooks you in) after our phenom chipotle. It's remarkable, I didn't actually finish it this time. It was ginormous! Then we went to the hookah bar for awhile, but I was just not in the mood to be out and about anymore so we headed home, grabbed another bottle of champagne, and watched South Park. Ha ha. I enjoyed it though. I love coming home from a nice night out and just relaxing. However, I should be starting sociology. Have a delightful night and have yourself a laugh.

 Funny movie clip! (includes my fave bike clip ever!) ha ha ha ha!


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