May 11, 2009

I want to watch fireworks!

Song for the moment: Yann Tiersen- Quimper 94.
Band for the moment: Smoke City

I love this man (Yann Tiersen) and his music, but I am still so disappointed with the show that we (being me and Matthew) recieved on April 21. That show was going to be one of my best. His talent is so diverse, his music so mood changing and sharp. I of course should have expected something different than what he normally does. Him and his played this odd avant-garde French rock that no one had ever heard before, for the key fact that it had not been recorded yet. If I were going to the show expecting to get what I got it might be different. A lot of people experienced upset that night; many were leaving. We stuck it out until the end (saying it like it was something awful)...Sometimes I like being caught off guard. Other times..not so much.

Anywho..back to this month. Today was pretty good. Got up, watched Emeril talk about and make different kinds of sandwiches and also made these!--they looked amazing! Then I whipped up breakfast (which reminds me now I'm out of Greek yogurt and won't have any for breakfast tomorrow-RATS!), tried my first sudoku puzzle (ugh), and got ready for skating. Didn't go too bad today, although I'm still so discouraged due to the lack of technical ability that I possess. Spins are easy to get down. Jumps are another story. In my opinion at least. I felt huge on the ice today. Super weighed down. Probably due to the huge intake of cookies I made yesterday. Oopps. They were good though. I suppose they were worth it? I had work at two thirty. This was a pretty fun shift. It really just comes down to liking the people you work with (Joshua&Cayla). As long as you can laugh in between the bull shit, then things will be okay. We got out reasonably early so I cannot be too upset. Matthew came over afterward, we chatted with my parents for awhile and just ended up hangin out. We attempted sudoku together. Ha Ha. We had to be laughing tonight for about 25 minutes straight. We always have a good time just doing nothing. Though, in between the nothing we like to do something.

I have my sociology exam (a big whatever--although I have attemped studying!) tomorrow and I start my new job! I have to admit I am quite nervous. I am expected to decorate cookies with pizazz and beauty. I hope I measure up. It will be a nice change of pace and a good creative release. I am also glad that it is not so upfront with people. Jamba is all face to face interaction with customers, but this job I'll be hangin out in the back doin my thang. It will be all good. I don't work at Jamba until next Monday. That kind of sucks. I don't want my hours cut completely, I just want three days a week, sheesh. School is over tomorrow! Hopefully that means a drink at the Hilton tomorrow night accompanied by mango-brie quesadillas?? hhmm.. I smell a plan! It might have been more fun if everything ended at once. Weather was such a relief when it was over, it would have been nice to have one big final end all day. Oh well, I'm not complaining! :)

Enjoy the night, everyone! Enjoy the morning, Europe!

-Tessa Erin.

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