May 13, 2009

"You on a personal call, Rick?"

Rick is always causing problems. Always.

Instead of reading before I go to bed, I opted to blog before bed. I suppose this is the best way to do it. I, however, am not a lucky duck who gets to write all cozy up in bed, I have to schlump downstairs (no laptop--sadness) but the day might have been "blogworthy" enough to come down for. Real entry comes now:

Let's start this off with how BEYOND excited I am for our weather tomorrow. Thunderstorms and hail are expected to roll in tonight which leads into tomorrow having the perfect setup for severe weather. YAY! Instability is fabulous. Sunny weather has its place, but work at a place where sunny/perfect/clear sky days mean hours of hell, you will learn to favour the rain. However, I have always favoured bad weather. As a small girl I ALWAYS had a random bag of shit in the basement "just in case" a tornado would hit. All the things that were "most important" in my life as a 8 year old. Good times. It was probably filled with markers and other odds & ends. Remember those fake cameras we had as kids (born in 1986+?) and you would put in that flat paper disk thing with small pictures and you would put it in and look through the binocular kind of things and press the button down and the pictures would change. WHAT WERE THOSE CALLED?! I always had those discs with me as a kid in my purses. How odd now that I think about it! (I'm still odd).

So enough of that. I had my final today. Whatever, it will be dropped. Then I had work at three thirty. If someone might have asked me how work went I would have said, "Ask me a different question." I enjoyed it except for the fact I full heartedly thought I was going to get out of there at nine pm. The time I was told I was going to work. I ended up walking out at 11:20. This would have been fine, but I just didn't expect it and did not eat from 1-11:30. Except for a Valencia orange. (mmm Whole Foods produce is the best!) Once you start decorating, you really get drawn into it and become engrossed, you don't want to get out of the groove just to go eat. By the end of the night you feel like you are going to fall over. Note to self; start eating big lunch before job. It's super repititious. I did a ton of fill ins on cookies (links to some of the ones I decorated) today (for me atleast) There's a lot of small things I need to learn, but I feel I did okay for my first time. My fingers hurt. A lot. Unfortunately Mango-Brie quesadillas didn't happen due to my hold up at work. Oh well. Another night. I didn't even get to have a Tanqueray and tonic--empty stomach + me + driving + low gin tolerance = not good. I went for the chopped salad. Meh. A drunk man struck up small talk with Matthew and I. That was cool. Wish we could have chatted with him more. I get a kick out of that.

Tomorrow should make me happy because it will be raining! But also because I go to Neuqua to talk to the kids about my eating disorder that I had back in high school. My teacher had me sophomore year when I was healthy and junior year when I was really sick, so he saw the contrast. I go twice a year to talk to 3-4 classes of high schoolers. It's a lot of fun and they are always pretty interested (mostly the girls--ha ha poor boys!) I hope it goes well! Gotta be up at eight! Better hit the hay!

OOO Europe! You early birds you! Good morning!
America's nightcrawlers--have a good night!


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