May 13, 2009

weird fishes.

weird fishes/arpeggi. absolutely beautiful.

Random thought: It has always amused me that when one eats something too spicy, instead of grabbing water to easy the spice, milk would be the better bet. Ick, I wouldn't enjoy the combination and probably opt for the water anyways.

Today was pretty okay. I got up a tad earlier(7:57) than usual (8:33)--which by the way shocks me, I used to be up at 4:45am no problem and hit the gym. Now I have to sleep in atleast till 7:45 to be functioning right. C'est la vie. I went over to Neuqua to give my first talk around 9:30. I wish we were not in the LMC classroom. It totally threw me off. Normally we are in a big forum room and everything is better in there; lighting, the mood, and the setting. It's a great presentation room. Today the room made everyone uneasy it seemed. Presentations went okay. I got some good response/questions from the kids. I enjoy that. I gave four presentations total. Normally I give two or three, but I enjoyed it and didn't mind the additional class. I always know what I really want to focus on by the third time I present. I always make my rounds to see my old teachers/people I know after I present. I bopped in to see Mrs. Harner (Meredith's mom) and Schutz (Mrs. Schutzenhofer). I am so glad I did. I really like her and enjoy talking to her whenever I bop in after my talks. Hopefully we'll grab lunch soon--that would be neat. I came home and took a long walk while conversing with Gina via telephone. Good talk and walk for sure. Portillo's beef sandwiches and frenchy fries for dinner! Yum! What a treat. We hardly ever eat things like that in the house so it's fun when we do. It was a perfect day to do it with the rain.

After dinner I had to make my way over to Trader Joes to pick up some yogurt, fruit, and other tidbits (including chocolate covered bing cherries and black licorice scotty dogs!). But the best buy of the night were my hydrangeas! I love them and have declared them my new favourite flowers. They are a light blue/cream color. They look lovely in my room. Then I took another walk. Like I said, I love instability, so I love to be outside when it's not raining, but favourable for a tornado. How exciting!

Tomorrow is day dos of the new job. I will be fully prepared with a big meal before I skedattle off to work. Starve I will not! ha ha. Hopefully I will just be filing in the cookies like the other day, I'd like to really get that down before moving on. We shall see! The girls I work with are super talented. They are so efficient. I too, will progress and become that good, it just takes time. I'm a perfectionist with these damn cookies though. I always take a lot of time to make sure what others receive looks perfect (scarves I make, baked goods, meals, etc). That's a good thing. YAY! Skating tomororw. I went on Monday, but I can't wait to go again. I just need to regain my composure. No lesson tomorrow. Takes pressure off. I anticipate what tomorrow may bring.

OOOO! HEAVY RAIN! HOW EXCITING! :) :) huge squall lines moving all across the midwest like a belt. The radar is going crazy with red blobs (supercells, a few). One supercell produced 13 tornadoes! I know the storm has weakened a bit since it hit Illinois, but I'm not sure if it has produced any nadoes on this side of the border. There were some gnarly tornadoes earlier in OK and Missouri. I look forward to see what they will rank them. Based on damage I saw briefly on weather channel I'd say EF-2 or EF-3. Probably the latter. But then again, I don't really know anything when it comes to weather. ha ha.


this is beautiful people!

I have to admit though, being in fear of your property all summer is hardly fun. Again, I do not know why people choose to live in "tornado alley". Oh well. To each their own.

Currently, I'm a fan of:
1) This hilarious clip Matthew sent me today. You cannot just watch it once. 
2) Blogging!
3) This is fun for awhile! It will get you groovin.
4) Sudoku. Just breaking that in...
5) Wanting to make this recipe!
6) I LOVE this song. (press play on the top right)

I must be off to bed now. Muy tired. The slumber shall be supurb. I can actually listen to real thunderstorms instead of listening to recorded ones on my ipod. ha ha.

Europe, start steeping your morning tea,
America, time to hit the hay! Get your beauty sleep and drink a lot of water tomorrow!


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