May 15, 2009

a spider in the tulips.

Why, hello hello!

Jeepers, I am so tired. I cannot wait to get into bed. Anywho, I feel like releasing my day in some way. It's for the best. 

Today I woke up a tad earlier than usual and lucky me, Giada was on! I love that show and I only seem to catch it on a Thursday morning and I will always miss the first 10 minutes, but eh, to the wind. She was in Santa Barbara, CA today and it looked fabulous. The food looked great. I made myself the perfectly balanced meal for breakfast. Infact, I went through good lengths to present the picture I felt compelled to take. (Kashi, Ezekiel bread with blackberry jam, greek yogurt with honey, and half of a grapefruit. The grapefruit was perfect. Was so sour and sweet. I loved it. It's hard to find a good grapefruit sometimes.

Skating went okay. Only had an hour because I had work at two which was AWESOME! I loved it. I did more around the shop, baked the cookies and packaged a lot of the baskets and also did some fill ins on cookies. I love the people I work with, I love how we sit in a bakery, talk, listen to music, laugh, and just decorate cookies like it ain't no thang. It's great and I'm so excited. I just cannot make plans for nights I work (3-4 days a week) so it's not too bad. I have Jamba one day a week so I have 2 days off each week. I really think my summer schedj will kick some major ass. I want to make the paper, put a lot away, and spend some on the fun stuff. I can see myself staying at this job awhile too. I'm excited! Matthew and I got MANGO-BRIE QUESADILLAS tonight! Well, I ate them all, but they were fabulous. Ha Ha. Another night of minimal eating on the job, so what a treat!

I have become fascinated with peoples blogs lately. It's so fun to get into someone elses head. It's something that facebook cannot deliver. I like a stream of conscience. (if you know me well, you know what I'd be doing right now to accompany the comment). I sometimes prefer to delve into other peoples lives. They are more interesting and people are so different all over. Inspiration is everywhere. Another thing I have become fascinated with is flowers. I am starting to love them. I want to know how to preserve them perfectly and become an expert on flowers. I think I get a new and different idea of what I want to do with my life each day. That's the problem. I want to try everything. I'm sure you have all heard the 1,000 things I'd love to do, but just don't pursue. I thought I loved weather, but I'm just not good at certain aspects of it. I do love it, but it just is too much. I'm a right brain person. Let's get creative here, people! But doesn't horticulture sound so fun? It could be..a baking florist. Wow, what a title!

"Many dreams come true and some have silver lining, I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold!" -Led Zeppelin

Tomorrow I work two until who knows. The day shall be nice. I'm thinking of having a nice quaint lunch all by my lonesome tomorrow at Butterfields. I want to eat a decent sized lunch and I've been craving a waffle with berries ever since this morning (which isn't even that long) when Giada was consuming it in a pleasant beach side restaurant. Perhaps I will take Matthew's mom to lunch. I haven't seen her in awhile and I miss her. She might like that. OO--how Ina Garten of me. "Perhaps I'll invite her/him over for dinner.." is what you can most often find the Contessa host saying at the start of every show. It's not a bad thing.

Lookie here! I edited this photo to make it more clear. This TOTALLY looks like a dolphin or a seahorse. NEAT! Thought I'd share this killer sky find with you. Anywho, have a wonderous night!

Order tea soon from teagschwendner! It will be well worth it!

-tess the mess.

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