May 16, 2009

being rather thrifty.

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone is enjoying this dazzling Saturday. I certainly am. I have the day off and I have been enjoying it so. I figured i would have no time to update this tonight, so I am deciding to get it over with now. I shall ramble on about yesterday first.

Friday: I went to the gym, went home/got ready, and headed to Butterfields to meet Matthew and his parents. That's pretty much our spot. Well, it's more so Matthew's spot. He goes almost everyday with his parents. I like that though. It is nice to have regular places to go to where you know the staff and managers. I had my belgian waffle with berries (like I talked about in my previous post!) --it was scrumptious! After our little lunch date, I had work. It was good. I made some of the frosting today (blue, purple, and yellow). I love learning how to do more and more. I love decorating the most. Got out of work at 11:30 (kind of a bummer since Matthew planned for chocolates, sparkling wine, and strawberries). He also had another trick up his sleeve; he brought over his old laptop for me! I love love love it and i'm so excited to have one I don't even know what to do with myself. It's the perfect addition to my room--I loved my room already so you can just imagine the sheer delight. It kind of exciting too because it's only exciting to me. Ha ha, i'm just four years behind is all. So last night turned out to be fabulous.

Saturday: Wow! I got to sleep in. Well, not really I guess because I don't really wake up that early anymore. After thinking long and hard about what I could possibly do with the day..I conjured up a fab idea. I got ready and decided to head over to Goodwill. Talk about killer finds. I am very happy with what I walked out of there with. I think Goodwill will (ha ha) have to replace The Village Discount, which can be found on the sketchy streets of N Aurora. It's just SO much to look through, the Village sometimes has a few gems though, I must admit. I also ended up getting a shirt for my friend who was looking for what I had come across. I met her up at Jamba downtown after I went to Sur La Table and got a few fun knick knacks. I got two cookie cutters(a daisy and a guitar), a pair of "kiddie" chopsticks that are connected. They are plastic, purple, and have an elephant on top. What a steal. How great. After I met her up we had a quick lunch at noodles and walked around a bit. We hit up Le Chocolat. Of course we did. I take everyone to that place. I came home and went on a long bikeride. Matthew and I are going out somewhere tonight. I think somewhere in Oakbrook, or perhaps we will go to House of Emperer (best chinese ever). We were thinking of Oakbrook mall for after dinner. We shall see. Has anyone ever been to The Melting Pot? We want to try it out but we aren't sure. We are always looking for a good place to go. Comment if you have any good recs!

I am so happy that the leaves are finally adorning the trees! My room faces the backyard and when the trees get really full they pretty much act as blinds beause they are so wide and tall. I love it. I'm a big fan of natural light. So it's a relief not having to shut them all the time. I am a big fan of the orchestra version of "Great Gig In The Sky" that plays on my page. I had never heard it until recently. It's great.

I anticipate my new clothes getting out of the dryer so they are wearable for this evening! Have a a good night and do something fun!


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