May 17, 2009

what a grad day it is!

You know how sometimes you hear a song that makes you really sad comes on, but you don't change it because you want to feel sad at that moment. It releases something inside of you. It is remarkable to me how big of an impact music has, it's amazing. How it has such an effect on your mood and has the ability to change your persepective about something just by hearing it at a certain moment. I love pandora and I loved it way before iphones were even made and it became the "hottest ap" for your cellular device of choice. It's a music genome project and you can save certain bands you like and Radiohead of course and it will literally match it with music that sounds similair to it based on vocals, beats, instruments, etc. It's all i've been rocking to on my new laptop lately (which I am so thrilled about). I was actually starting to get worried, beleive it or not-- that I was going to run out of great music to listen to. I have heard all Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Grateful Dead, Radiohead, etc etc. Mostly not creating any new tunes. Of course, in retrospect, I really don't have anything to worry about. There is so much good music out there and I have not even cracked the surface. Again, I must pay tribute to my downloading I had in the past. It served me well and supplied me with great music. Oh well. I need more mixes from people!

So alas, I will talk about what the day was all about. My mother's graduation from Benedictine University. It was long, but not uncomfortable. It was a proud day indeed. She received her masters in Clinical Psychology. Not easy stuff, folks. My brother came as well as my grandpa and grandma. 

Brother, Mom, and I

HA Ha, my dad and my mom :)

We ended up going to Greek Islands (see!--told you I love it!) and it was fantastic as usual. Now I'm just at home bummin around. I think I am going to go on a bikeride soon and then Danielle and I will go on a walk tonight since we are hanging out.

Last night Matthew and I hung out. We ended up going to House Of Emperor, downtown naperville, got bubbletea (honeydew lychee), went to the hookah bar, and then met up with Jesse at the Hilton. The oddest and strangest thing happened. When I walked in to the Hilton I saw all these familiar faces and realized a girl I went to high school with (and her husband to be) were getting married. How odd! I was somewhat friends with her all through high school, but it was just so random. I also ran into a guy I used to work with years ago a Domino's Pizza. Just odd running into people you hardly ever see or show up to find out people you know just got married. Hm. At the hookah bar, Matthew and I were talking about how even though there is such a big difference from country to country (sometimes it feels like another world) and there is so much in the world, that we are still just a small round mass floating about in outer space. It is just so odd to think that we are really in a huge bubble called earth. Everything feels weird when you think about it that way. Thinking about how we are so small in comparison to so much around us. I like getting into conversations about things like that. Breaking down how we function and how we fit strategically into the living world.

Anywho, enough rambling. I should take that bikeride!


I shall leave you with a video of my mom getting her diploma.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Tessa, Big Congrat to your MOM. What a fabulous accomplishment. She is beautiful by the way , so that's where you get your good looks. It was a great day for a graduation I see it was outside.. HOw perfect. You must all be very proud of her. I certain it was years of hard work. God Bless, Gina

tea for tessa said...

Ha Ha thanks, Gina. We missed you at skating today. All of us were there and my good friend Meagan (who skates as well) came and I haven't seen her forever since she's been away at school. It was a good time, and my boyfriend stopped by. It would have been nice for you to be there. I work every day this week except sunday! I probably won't skate! Keep me posted!