May 19, 2009

you night owl, you.

Hey, you.

I hope all is well. I am writing to you at the late..or early hour of 1:04 am. Oh well. There have been later and earlier nights. Today has been pretty okay, pretty much a blur and that's what I like. I got up this morning and looked forward to skating because I knew Meagan was going to be there (she's a girl i met at skating and we skate together). She is away at school most of the year so it was fun to catch up on what's going on with her and skate like old times where we dispense advice and ideas on new things to try. I love skating with all i have except those times when i hate it with all I have. You know how it goes...

After work came a short period of time to hang out before work which was to take place at 2pm (which turned into 3:15) ha ha. It was a good shift, we had fun (mostly Ambre and I). At first I did not want to be there. The more time off you have, the more time you want off. I still blame that cruise in 5th grade that we took that ended my skating career. We took 2 weeks off from skating and I did not really want to go back. So I didn't. DEPRESSING OR WHAT?! Oh well, it was for the best. I needed a life outside of skating so I could express my experiences through movements. Good times, huh?! So great..this paragraph got dominated by skating..let's try again.

So work turned out to be pretty okay. I tried Five Guys for the first time. It moved right next to Jamba a few weeks ago (we all held out for the longest time to find out what it was going to be). It has been really popular and a lot of people like it. I normally would not get fast foodish kinda things..but I was intrigued. I strayed from the common choice of a burger and fries and opted for the grilled cheese (cheese in any form is great). It was really good! So whatev. I will forego the guilt. Caitlyn came over to hang out for a bit after work. We always have a really chill time. We were enthralled with the Electric Sheep! She made me 2 mix CDS (I made her 2 last week) so we were playing them and convinced that they were going to the music. For those of you who don't know what Electric Sheep are..You need to go to that site and download it because it is quiiittteee groovy. Anywho..I'll have to do research to see if the waves of music have anything to do with the shapes that discomboble and reunite themselves upon your screen.

So..let's get down to it people; summer is in the air. Time to embrace it. For me, naturally i'll put away those "bitchy/superclassy" clothes (which I LOVE BY THE WAY..but they have their place) and pull out the handmade tie dyes and floyd/zeppelin shirts and start crankin "the drive" aka 97.1 fm. It's a natural thing for me every summer. The dead in the winter is depressing. You should be walking/playing/dancing around enjoying nature and life when you listen to the dead, Phish, Rusted Root, etc. Of course i listen to them year round, but prefer it more in the summer, where everything is really alive; to plants/trees, people, the air, and the summer spirit. So hello long flowy skirts, moccasins, wavy sun-dried hair, and bare-baked tops! I am so excited for it and really felt it today. It hit me, 6 days after my final class that all I had to worry about was work. You will be able to hear those flip flops flapping along downtown Naperville's most popular streets. The college kids are invading and everyone wants a piece of the night air. Get ready!

Things for you to do this summer:
1) Equip yourself with Grateful Dead's American Beauty
2) Buy a Hammock!
3) Take a long bike ride each day. Or a walk
4) Drink tons of water! ;)
5) Forget the tanning oil. Go for sunblock.

Things on MY to do list for summer:
1) spend a whole day eating nothing but a lollypop that is as big as my head. (sad how this is the first goal I thought of and at the top ofmy list.. ha ha)
2) more doubles! a triple maybe?!
3) get awesome at making cookies
4) make that paper!
5) being outside everyday

Notttt bad. Tomorrow = work at 2--cookies. I am excited; I love this job. i wonder what i'll be doing! YAY! Welp, have a good night all! I wish I was residing in Europe! Oh well. Soon enough!


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