May 20, 2009

wacky zingoz.


Today has been a GREAT day! I am really enjoying the drastic turn around that I've had in the past 2 months. Ask me how life was a two months ago and I would have just shaken my head in disgust/disappointment. I was stuggling in a class where the subject was one of my favorite things in the world. I'm sure you all guessed it!.. Meteorology. I wasn't skating how I wanted to, and i just felt stressed and irresponsible all the time. Now that the weather is warming my bones I am a lot happier and more relieved. My parents were on my back about taking summer classes. They want me to get my degree. So do I. More so than anyone else, I want my degree. It is odd because when the summer is here and I'm free of all things academic, i want to be studying and learning. But NO way was I falling for that summer school trap again. I cannot spend 3 hours inside a classroom in the summertime. No way. I tried before and dropped all my classes (oops). Needless to say...I'm happy. Sorry I couldn't just cut to the chase.

Danielle came by around 10:45 and we took an hour long bike ride and followed it with frisbee. We are getting damn good. My mom announced to me that she planned on buying me 3D chalk. (that look on the little girls face will most likely mimick mine.) I am beyond stoked. I've been pumping myself up about getting sidewalk chalk but I have not done it yet. So I hope she starts her search sooner than later. (PS mom; if you're reading check Target, Toys R us, or like..Meijer? ha ha). I got ready and headed to work. Cookies! I loved it. I decorated a ton of baby cookies. I like doing these the least. I don't hate them as much as I used to. The bib always looks like shit. And the bottles. Good god. But I love this bouquet. So all is good at work and I really like the people I work with. I'm so lucky to have landed it. Thanks again, Matthew! :) I have to note right now that Lupe Fiasco on Pandora is great. Great hip-hop/rap tunes for sure.

5 Fave stations right now on Pandora:
1) Smoke City
2) Beck
3) Radiohead
4) Led Zeppelin
5) Lupe Fiasco

So after work, Matthew scooped me up and we went to the hookah bar for a quick smoke and parted ways. It's a bummer getting out of work so late sometimes, but I don't mind. I will enjoy the money later and the cookie job does not bother me at all. I love going. My hand is in some real bad pain though. I'm nervous for my right hand in my future. Arthritis for sure. How sad :(

I'm about to throw down five more... Things I am REALLY diggin at the moment:
1) pandora pandora pandora.
2) Electric Sheep. You have to download it, people! You will thank me forever! It provokes me to read the book "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" I am so curious. It is the story that the screen saver was based on. It is made to keep mutating itself before your eyes. You can also control in some way how the sheep will move and create your own images. 
3) My improved frisbee game
4) My new job
5) Goodwill

That is a phenomenal list. I am happy with that. Tomorrow may or may not equate to hell. If you have read my previous post, you may have read that sunny days mean bad days at Jamba Juice. Tomorrow is expected to reach a high of 83 degrees farenheit. Damnit. Oh and you can cue the sunny skies as well. Thank god it is a Wednesday and not a Friday. Sometimes you literally feel like you have served EVERYONE in Naperville. It's lame. Anywho that is at 2-cl. I can barely skate this week. It sucks, but next week i can so it's okay. I work everyday this week. Tomorrow Jamba, Thursday/Friday cookies, Saturday I open Jamba. It's all good. MAKIN PAPER! 

OH! Big NEWS! I got my new shipment of tea! They are fantastic! I got Lemon Vanilla white tea, Japanese Cherry green tea, and Peaches & Cream green tea. They are great. I LOVE Teagschwendner's aroma collections. I even told the delivery man how happy I was that he delievered the box full of my fabulous tea! (luckily, i caught him as I was pulling into my driveway).

Check out this crazycoolness! Enjoy and SLEEP tight!


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