May 9, 2009

Dear clouds: produce a little rain.


I have been thinking a lot lately- I think the coolest thing would be to perform professionally. More so in the sense of being in a band. I think it would be so fun to tour around, sing your heart out for people, rock out on your instrument, and inspire people through words and harmonies. I am so upset at myself for not having some sort of musical ability. I should pick something up. Probably piano again, but it seems too easy, the safe bet instrument. I'm not saying it's easy, but it seems like the thing most people would pick to learn. Dance would be another amazing performance oppurtunity. MMM ballet! I wish people were more accepting to Radiohead. It's just because I love them so much, but I wish other people could feel what I do when I listen to them. This guy I skate with said that it's not good music to skate to. He's wrong, because if they coreographed an entire ballet using Radiohead's music, figure skating is sure to follow. My favourite: 1

Last night ended up to be quite nice! Matthew and I headed out to Lombard for some ahhhhmazing Greek food at Greek Islands. I have literally been going to the place since I was a tiny tot and my mom used to have to cover my eyes everytime they lit the saganaki because I would "cry and cry" ha ha. If I do anyone a favor--It's telling you to eat at Greek Islands. Or you could actually go to the Greek Islands. Whichever your wallet supports.

After Greek Islands we saw Julie compete at Seven Bridges and then hung out with her while we watched other competitors in her group. That was out of the norm for us to do so we both enjoyed it and had a nice time talking with her parents. We always seem to gravitate towards the older crowd. I really enjoy that. We would much rather hang out around adults than people our own age sometimes. After we met them Matthew said "I'm not sure if this would ever happen, but I'd love to get a drink with them sometime." Ha ha, I'm the same way--and besides who can say no to a drink? On the way home we picked up a bottle of Champange and strawberries and settled in with a little Chelsea Lately and The soup. Our two weekend indulgence shows. They are so funny. I love Chelsea Handler. I want to be on her panel.

I opened this morning, not a bad shift. Was only there till 1:30. Came home and walked with Danielle and lucky me, I've obtained a new blister so we switched over to bikes. I am very excited for my CHIPOTLE dinner tonight! YAY! I think one of the hardest decisions is choosing between tacos and burritos. Ay! My neighbors are rockstars! Man oh man, they are playin outside right now and it sounds so good. Again--I want to be in a band. If anyone is looking for someone who can play mad triangle and dance like nobody's business, call me up! ha ha ha.

So... I should shower. Have a fantastic evening! Good night Europe!


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